Alisha at the Bridge

After tracking down her suitcase with Aurelius' assistance, Alisha dragged it down the hallways back to the bridge. She was very glad that gravity was working again, which was a sentiment she had never before thought she would experience.

She was about out of breath by the time she made it to the bridge, and she walked in just in time to hear the captain's order requesting as such.

Alisha looked around the room to see if it was big enough to hold a lot of people, which reminded her that outside of the captain himself and the cyborg man she had been supposed to patch up, she had no idea who else she was working with. She caught a glimpse of the Captain just before he left the room himself. That left her with the man at the controls, whom she assumed was the pilot. She contemplated introducing herself to him, but he looked busy so she decided to wait.

Soon the captain returned, followed somewhat shortly by two women. Alisha heard him refer to one of them as "Dr. Jurran". If that Doctor title indicated that the woman was a medical doctor, then Alisha was relieved. Sure she herself was first aid certified, but that wasn't the same thing as years of medical schooling and residency. That was why she was the science officer, not the ship doctor.

The other woman appeared to be a nurse or surgical assistant two Doctor Jurran, which the Captain didn't seem too pleased about, as they apparently only had ten beds. However, the nurse was apparently not as human as she looked, she was instead a robot who didn't need to sleep. Alisha had read about robots like that, but she had never met one herself. On Carnassus 5, nobody bothered to make robots that looked human. Due to how high unemployment had become, making such a robot would make people mad.

During that discussion, the cyborg also came into the bridge, looking unhappy as usual, although he did seem to perk up a bit when he was appraising the doctor and her assistant as if they were pieces of meat. Alisha was struggling to not judge this man harshly.

Eventually the two women departed, after which the Captain instructed the pilot to take them to Ulthar which Alisha recalled was deeper into the human bubble. She also made a mental note that he had referred to the pilot as "Mr. Donva."

Afterward, the cyborg reported in and the pilot began the process of getting them to their new destination. Hopefully now she would get enough time with the captain to learn where she was living at and what it was she actually needed to do as the science officer...

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