Making new friends

"...And there we go," Krueger said to no one in particular as he yanked down on one end of a comedically oversized wrench.

That was the last adjustment needed to bring the particle accelerator back into alignment. And thus, the Cornucopia was ready for faster than light travel once more. On his way back to the Command Center, he stopped to sort out a small power drain in one of the labrynthesque cargo holds. It was a very minor drain, but considering the state of the ship's power supply, every spare watt counted.

On his way to the drain, he bumped into Claymore. The cyborg was toting a mostly empty jug of booze. Hmmm...

"What do you have there Robocop?" he asked with a twirl of his mustache.

The cyborg looked him over.

"Seems someone rearranged your face, Whiskers. Looks much better," he said and offered Krueger the jug.

"It's not the first time. Heck, probably won't be the last," he said with a grin and acceped the jug.

There wasn't much left, just one hearty swig in fact, but it was enough to take the edge off. Surely his liver would forgive him.

"Hmmm... Firewater," he remarked, smacking his lips appraisingly. "From the Odian nebula, if I'm not mistaken. Good stuff. I do prefer something a little stronger, but then it isn't quite noon, yet."

"When you done with your assignment come down to the cargo hold. Plenty more where that came from," Claymore said and walked away.

Hmmm... free booze.

****12 minutes later****

"...and you can imagine the look on her face when she realized that ALL her tentacles had been tied together!" Krueger said amongst a cacophony of laughter from everyone else in the room.

"But how'd you get out of the cell?" someone asked.

Krueger took the cigar out of his mouth, gulped down another swig from the jug Claymor had given him, and said "Who says I did?!?"

Yet more laughter erupted.

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