Drinking the night away

Claymore tried not to laugh too much at Krueger's joke. His sides still hurt like a syphilis ridden whore taking a piss.
He passed the Antarian mead along after taking another swing for himself.
Aurelius chimed in a couple of times to warn them that according to their contracts they should not partake of alcohol during hours of duty.
That just made them drink even more. Bloody AI's. No concept of fun.

The three men were keeping conversation flowing, sharing some stories without giving to much away. Probing and prodding to gauge one another.
While Krueger came across as the more jovial and relaxed of the lot, Corvo Donva appeared aloof and slightly tense.
Claymore imagined that it had something to do who he was and his race's past history.

This night was starting to remind him of the times he spent with his old squad. Nights spent drinking and playing Albion Blind Roulette.

During a pause in conversation he asked
"Any ideas why the Captain turned this fat boat back toward deep in the Bubble ? What is there atUlthar?" he asked the others.

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