Long Dark Corridors

ITS Cornucopia
Forward Cargo Bays

Even with a map Jurran had spent the better part of the last hour wandering the dark corridors of the ships interior seriously considering if she should simply shoot the man with a tranquilizer dart and drag his happy ass back to the medbay and strapping him to a table for a few hours and forcing him to listen to Delibes : Lakme over and over again until what little sanity remained had left him entirely.

It was as she reached another dead end at the end of another long, dark corridor that the sound of voices and laughter finally drew her attention.

Back tracking and one final turn and she could see light pouring out of an open hatchway into the corridor 50 meters ahead of her.

Just inside not one but three of the ships company lounging around and drinking spirits of one sort or another. The one named Claymore speaking aloud as she came through the hatch into the room.

"Any ideas why the Captain turned this fat boat back toward deep in the Bubble ? What is there at Ulthar ? "

Jurran frowned at the news they were heading back into the Inner sphere again.

" As I recall Ulthar is or was classified as a historical preservation site and was declared off limits to interstellar traffic by Central Worlds. That said I must admit my sources are perhaps a bit dated and I could be speaking of the wrong sphere entirely."

Jurran narrowed her attention to Claymore offering him something of an annoyed frown.

" Mister Claymore, Self medicating already I see. " She mused. " Honestly I should just let you drown in your own juices when the infection sets in but there is the little matter of professional ethics and all that."

"So, Would you like to do it here on the table or back in the Medbay ?" She could not help but smirk at the obvious innuendo of her statement.


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