And then there were 4

"So, Would you like to do it here on the table or back in the Medbay ?" She could not help but smirk at the obvious innuendo of her statement.

Claymore and the others watched as the attractive woman walked into the room and spoke with a confidence that spoke volumes.
He grinned at her quip and stood up with a grunt.
"I guess it's only fair we do it here so the others can watch your skills." he told her grinning. "However it will have to be on the floor as there are no tables in this room as you can see." he joked.

He could not shake the feeling yet again that he had seen her before or heard about her. He initiated a background check on #Dynna Jurran# in his systems.

"Look doc, don't worry about me. I am not about to come to you every time I stub my little toe." he passed her the bottle of mead and returned to his seat.
"I have seen enough action and dealt with enough of my own injuries that I can take care of some broken ribs." he saw her about to make another comment and cut her.
"Doc, take a load off. My internal systems are monitoring the wound. It's healing and I already administrated a major course of antibiotics to fight of any infection." he told her and knew any equipment one her could confirm it.
"Grab a seat and show me and the boys that you can handle the three of us. Plenty of time for you to have me all by myself in your medbay!" he told her with a laugh.

Before the woman could make her her mind his system came up with a hit.
#1250 hits found for Dynna Jurran - Sorting by relavance -
Doctor - Cybernetic and Bioware Enhancement.
Wanted in 12 Start Systems
- Illegal medical experimentation
- Unlawful human cloning.
- Illegal Cybernetic Enhancements.
- Torture and other War Crimes.#

He blinked the search away and stored it to read it another time. He keep his face cool. So this was the infamous Dr. Dynna Jurran. The captain surely knew how to pick them.
He wondered what her next move would be.

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