Mead and Russian Red

ITS Cornucopia
Forward Cargo Bays

Taking the bottle she took a moment to enjoy the scent of it before taking a shot from the bottle.

" Well, given that forcing you would prove a pointless effort and cause undue friction resulting in you avoiding treatment in future due to a lack of trust in myself. I don't see why we cannot forgo unnecessary treatment in this case."

She took a second shot from the bottle noting the brief blank expression on Clayore's face of someone reviewing incoming data on an internal display.

" You will forgive me however if I do insist on an independent bio-monitor … and no not your onboard systems unit given that we both know those can be tampered with and the biometric data falsified."

She handed him back the bottle pausing just long enough to open the field kit she carried producing a clear bottle marked as Russian Red and some shot glasses.

" You'll forgive me but preferences tend towards the old school regarding my choice of spirits. As for handling all three of you at once … I wouldn't get your hopes up."


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