Oh Crap!

"You'll forgive me but preferences tend towards the old school regarding my choice of spirits. As for handling all three of you at once … I wouldn't get your hopes up," the good doctor said, a tone of sarcasm in her voice.

Normally, Krueger would have spoken up at this point. After all, only so many innuendos could he ignore. But there was something suddenly off about his cyborg companion. He was looking a little paler than he had a few minutes ago, and was beginning to sweat.

"You okay, Tin Man? Lookin' a little pekid," he asked.

"I'm fine. Systems say I'm practically healed," Claymore replied dismissively.

"Yeah... About that," Krueger said, looking him up and down.

He looked pretty awful. So, casting personnel privacy to the winds, he wirelessly connected to the other man's onboard systems. Using a program of questionable legality, he bypassed the security measures... and was immediately bombarded with a great plethora of spyware and neuro pop-up ads.

"Holy Machine Dominatrix!" he exclaimed.

"Hey, what do you think you're...," Claymore stuttered, attempting to stand.

He fell back down and Dr. Jurran lept to his side. While she looked him over, Krueger took a deeper look at Claymore's systems. They were definitely more substantial than his own, but when it came to sophistication, Krueger's gear was at least a generation ahead of his.

"Just taking a peak," he lied and began running a diagnostic and then a virus scan.

Hmmm... Looks like he'd picked up a trojan horse during a recent download. ...Something called 'Equine Adventures in Dream Land'. Best not to ask. His own anti virus software wiped it without a hitch.


Gods damn it! The man was bleeding to death and some trojan horse was feeding him false data, saying he was fine!

"Doc, he's pretty bad off," he relayed to Jurran.

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