Just plain bad

ITS Cornucopia
Forward Cargo Bays

Saying, I told you so, seemed in order but given that Claymore's mental state had been compromised due to shock and blood loss from internal bleeding so doing so would have been a wasted effort on her part.

Frowning her annoyance she checked the one arm and then the other confirming a flesh and bone appendage before strapping the independent bio-monitor in place and keying it run a a full spectrum diagnostic while stuffing the bottle and glasses back in the medkit and producing an autoinjector and a dosage of quick heal and a local anaesthetic to kill the pain.

" Not gonna lie to you Claymore, this ones gonna hurt … " Jurran announced. " This is a military grade quick healing nano-solution, they're kinda like my ex-husband. They don't give a shit about your feelings they just go to work."

She'd fired off the injection into the meaty part of his ass before she'd finished explaining what it was she was injecting him with.

" And this is a local anaesthetic they is better known on the streets as Dream Time. Problem is this stuff will knock you on your ass and we need you to be able to move under your own power until we get your ass to the Medbay."

The bio-monitor signaled an alert than started signaling multiple alerts as Jurran sync'd the device to her link.

Claymore's diagnostic data filled her vision providing her more bad news than she cared to see in one go. " Low Blood pressure, rapid but weak pulse rate, trace amounts of at least a half dozen controlled substances and oh joy knock off medical nano-regenerative nanites that haven't done shit."

" Come on crewmen, Help me get him to the Medbay before simply breathing kills him."

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