Quitting for Real

(A week prior)

Akhana a Taliri had gotten into a fight with her boss again and had put in her resignation notice. Admittably, this wasn't the first time she had resigned from this job. The last two times she had, she hadn't been able to find alternative jobs that she liked that also payed enough, and she had crawled back with her tail between her legs. However, this time would be different, she was sure of it.

Tal (which was what most people called her) had talked to a few of the outlanders that visited the safari she had worked at and learned about where they came from, and she decided she wanted to go to those exotic places. She had been told in school that the little humans had conquered a lot of the stars that she saw in the night sky, but she hadn't appreciated just how accessible the stars were to these humans. Apparently their flying ships could jump between the stars using something called FTL. While Tal had never been a sailor, she was thinking that getting a job on one of these sky boats could be really cool.

All she had to do now was survive another week of keeping the savage creatures on the safari in line, but she had been doing it for the past six years, so she doubted she'd have too much trouble. In the meantime, she also needed to brush up on her human-tongue, as she was probably going to be using that backward language a lot in the near future...

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