I suck at titles

Crewmen? Eh, he'd been called a lot worse by a woman before.

"Good gods, you're a heavy son of a bitch!" he protested, shoving a shoulder up into the dying man's armpit and helping haul him through the cargo hold.

"Can't believe they... sold me... bad nano. G- gonna do some killin' when... this is all over," Claymore said half consciously, between uneven breaths.

Still jacked into his onboards, Krueger could see the man's stats dropping. Heart rate was no longer steady. Blood pressure was tanking, too! It was a wonder he wasn't already dead. Onto the lift they went, doors grinding shut behind them; racing the reaper.

"Yeah, well right now you just need to stay alive. Tell you what, we'll go kill them together. Okay? It'll be fun," Krueger said.

He glanced over at Doctor Jurran. The expression on her face told him all he needed to know. A few minutes later, they exploded into the med bay, where he hurriedly slung him onto the nearest exam table. As Doc and her skinjob sidekick got to work with IVs and monitors, he slipped into a corner, out of the way. Claymore was unconscious now.

Krueger severed the connection.

With a thought click, he cued up the bridge comms, "Hey Cap. We got a problem."

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