"I am sure many crewmen intend to forego those crew rooms I have chosen for them and find themselves their own lodgings somewhere aboard the ship. This, of course, will be bad for business so... we will have to make it cold for them."

Alisha smirked. "You wicked man. Speaking of unruly crewmen, that cyborg worries me a good bit. I saw him looking at our new doctor in a less-than-professional manner. I fear he may try to have his way with her..."

Suddenly, the intercom chirped to life, and an unfamiliar voice announced, "Hey Cap. We got a problem."

Alisha staggered as if she had been struck by a blow as the unknown crewman explained that the aforementioned cyborg had collapsed and was looking close to death. Captain Bruce had assigned her to treat the man to prevent this exact situation, and she had let herself believe the cyborg's excuses instead of persisting as she knew she should have. If Doctor Jurran couldn't save him, Alisha was going to have the man's blood on her hands...

Sure she hadn't quite liked the cyborg, but that didn't mean he deserved this.

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