The Oath

Hopeless was the word that sprang to mind as Jurran tried to address the litany of issues she was encountering with Claymore as she struggled to keep the man alive. For every one issue she was able to resolve it seemed, others sprang up suddenly to replace it.

It wasn't just a matter of poorly treated internal injuries but it was quickly becoming clear that he also suffered from several other long standing health issues that no one was aware and that he had clearly kept hidden.

Signs of cybernetic rejection syndrome where clearly presenting in the bloodwork, As was genetic flags that suggest an allergy to the synthetic blood like the type she was hoping to us to address blood loss. Then to add to all that it appeared that the cranial implant used to prevent epileptic seizures in cyborgs like Mr Claymore with excessive amounts of headware was in fact causing seizures in this case.

" Okay so we can try culturing a fresh batch and ... ?" Jurran looked up hopefully stopping short. Betty for her part shaking her head already knowing what Jurran was going to suggest.

" It wouldn't work ma'am …we'd still be introducing trace elements into the bloodstream that could very well go sceptic and In his current state the shock alone could result in death in a matter of seconds."

Jurran frowned nodding her understanding and agreement. " Okay, so we could try introducing a new … "

Betty again shook her head." The introduction of any new regulatory cybernetic hardware in his current state could trigger a reset of the existing firmware. That in turn resulting in most if not all of his life support systems going off line for a period of no less than 3 to 5 minutes resulting in the loss of blood flow to the brain … again resulting in death."

Jurran shook her head in disbelief. " Okay then what would you suggest we do at this point ? "

Betty frowned making an odd face as she ran through the possibilities.

" In this case ma'am we might best serve Mr Claymore's interests by acknowledging that we can do nothing further for him … Rather we should place Mr Claymore in long term stasis and hope that he doesn't die before his care can be transferred to a better staffed and equipped facility then what this vessel can provide."

Jurran took a moment to think about Betty's proposed solution.

" That sounds a lot like we're giving up Betty ? "

Betty nodded. " The oath is clear in that we should do no harm ma'am. We must put vanity aside in this case and consider what is best for the patient by acknowledging that we, that you, are only human and cannot do everything that needs to be done by yourself."

Jurran wanted to argue the point and continue the fight but knew that Betty was correct. Betty was after all programmed to be both Jurran's conscience and voice of reason in situations such as this.

Jurran nodded stepping back from the table. " You are correct Nurse Betty. Prep him for long term stasis … I'll report his status to the Captain and hope he doesn't elect to hire and fire us in the same day."


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