Gathering Positive

Psionic: 2


Joining the festivities was a surprise to him but he had accepted the bottle anyways. The sheer amount of hostile thoughts generated by some of the crew was no longer there, instead frivolous and gay colored much of their socializing as much as the muddy smearing of intoxication.

The bottle itself was bitter in taste but soothingly warm as it went down.

Corvo sat and listened to them, enjoying the success of escape and of having a job and home to call their own. He wished he could say the same, something saying to him that even this was temporary. He needed to continue, to see! He shook his head. No, he would stay for the time being.

Claymore had begun to look rather pale before he passed out. The Doctor, Jurran from introduction if he remembered correctly, had begun to look him over before taking him, with help from Krueger.

The next several minutes was filled with anxiety and a slight depression. Corvo still sat silently and watched. Be it the lesser races thinking they were tougher than they actually were. Granted, Claymore's injuries were from blood loss and cybernetics malfunction. The Yassengoro mentally shook his head, never actually liking the idea of cybernetics in the first place. Enhancement was one thing, but systematically replacing parts of the body for one's personal experience never did bode well with him.

He supposed it came from the Tyznn, with the most recent incursions being had by cybernetically enhanced warriors, the majority being enhanced by powerful cybernetic weapons and limbs. Not to mention that they no longer viewed a natural body to be a good thing, disregarding natural evolution.

Corvo blinked his thoughts back to the gathering. The somber tone of the gathering was sobering to him, to which he thought that this would not do. And so Corvo reached deep again, touching that small little nub in his mind that reached into the metaphysical. A Yassengoro and their telepathy was nearly unrivaled in potency and (usually) their skill. He was a rarity in that he knew how to tap the metaphysical and utilize it.

He felt the current begin to swell in that nub as he directed his telepathy to encompass the group. He wanted them to not worry about Claymore, that he was in good hands. And so projected several of the gathering's emotions from just a few minutes before and added his sense of calm to it. Feeling his power swell inside, he began to refine the control of the energy.

It would be a few more minutes before he had enough to release.

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