OOC - Game Officially Over

Please read!

To anyone who reads this, I am one of the players. I control Corvo Donva.

This game is abandoned by the moderator. As the only one who seems to be here, I officially declare this game to be ended. No new posts within the past two weeks have been had since my OOC post. And over a month since any other players or the mod have posted.

I would like to state for other people who may read this something to remember. This game fell apart because of IRL problems between the mod and another player, not to mention arguments with the mod and another player entirely. When the moderator returned from a period of inactivity, players were treated to a simple, and I am paraphrasing, "I left because I didn't care."

If you find the weight of a game is coming down upon you and you feel like, as a moderator, that you can't continue or can run the game efficiently, please talk to your players! We are gathered to write, play, and have fun. We will most likely band together to save a game if it has potential, as this game has had. Simply abandoning the game because it was too much will anger players, as it angered us.

If you bring your real life buddies into the game, that is all your call. But remember that we are all in character. Problems of interpersonal relationships between players should be left at the homepage of your browser. Not that simple, and I agree! Wholeheartedly! But trying to end the game because of problems between our real world selves should NOT be the way as a mod to end things. In the end, it seems petty, short-sighted, and leaves bad tastes everywhere. Not to mention that we players tend to bunch together and smack talking happens. Do what you feel is necessary for real life and those interpersonal problems, but this game and others are escapism for us and you. We are working with everyone else to enjoy a new and, hopefully, ongoing world. Bringing IRL problems ruins our immersion, makes us worry if that post we worked on with another character or two is now worthless, and marks the game with that "feel".

(Side note: You know the feel. The dread feel that you get when you start to see a happy ending but it is only halfway through the film? Yes, that.)

Now what I said can be taken seriously or with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, I feel that this game could have been ongoing had we had more talks and things were not brought in. In short, talk with your players! And try not to let problems IRL dictate the ending of a group.

(Side note: I imagine my email or this will blow up with messages about IRL troubles and so on. I have been referring to what happened here.

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