Pursuit (2)

“Increase throttle in two-percent intervals to 30 percent. Leave four seconds between percent increases,” the captain said. He wondered what that meant, then he flipped away a holo-panel and saw the blinking red heat meter for the plasma engines. Damn. They would have to shut off some vital systems if they didn’t want the plasma engines to explode.

In a lightning-quick move, he flicked on the intercom that ran throughout the whole ship. “Everybody strap in and get to your nearest envirosuit, I’m ‘bout to cut off the gravity and life-support systems.” Without the life-support systems an average room in the ship would have about 30 minutes before it was uninhabitable; plenty of time a grab an oxygen mask or envirosuit, provided no one was in too bad a condition not to be able to. Those guys were fucked.

He ran the commands to deactivate those systems, and immediately felt himself lift against his seat-straps and the air grow stale. Jaedon reached into a little cubby beneath his seat, and produced an oxygen mask, which he strapped firmly onto his face.

Sensors beeped as the Carnassian ships came close enough to enter his circular radar array. In front of the interdictor ship a hemispherical orange projection appeared, showing the mass lock range. They were right in the middle of it, and not moving near fast enough to escape.

Without asking, he increased throttle to 35 percent, it was a brash move, he knew; but brash moves were required in a time like this.

Brash moves had kept him alive thus far, and he had been doing this since he was 16. Not well, but well enough.

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