Welcome to New Vegas - Part 04

The Moon of Minos
New Vegas Anchorage

Foster gave her a disapproving look as she seated herself in the 2nd of the two pilots seat's spinning it around two or three times offering a girlish squeal of amusement.

" Oh, This is lovely …"

" It's a state of the art Orion V Cutlass Executive Class long range shuttle." Foster stated reading off the data sheet. " I believe the word you're looking for would be posh."

" It's perfect. " Jurran announced pushing herself onto her feet." It's got passengers cabins, an office, a kitchen, a med bay, and have you seen how much cargo and storage space it has. I want it, how much ? "

" 950,000 C-bills " Foster announced.

Jurran gave a soft laugh. " It's a steal."

" That's because it was stolen." Foster stated clearly annoyed that she was even considering the purchase. " Two months ago in fact, right out of the landing bay of a Central Worlds Escort during a formal inspection by high ranking members of the Central Worlds Congress and their staff. It was a scandal and an embarrassment to all involved. Heads literally and figuratively rolled."

"That might explain the deactivated android in the French maid costume locked in one of passenger cabins." Jurran noted aloud. " Honestly Foster. You've seen my rap sheet they want me dead or very dead on like 90% of the worlds in the Inner Sphere. I don't think possession of stolen property is really gonna have much of an impact on how quickly they are gonna start shooting at my ass."

" Any competent lawyer could get 99% of those charges thrown out of court with little to no effort." Foster noted aloud.

Jurran smirked shaking her head. " No competent lawyer with any sense would not come within 100 light years of my case on a good day."

" I resent that … " Foster offered defensively.

Jurran smiled warmly at Foster. " You might be on retainer but you know as well as I do that you wouldn't touch my case either."

Foster have a sheepish grin nodded his agreement. " You are right of course."

" I'm glad your seeing things my way." Jurran nodded her approval. " So how do we make this happen?"

Foster took a moment to review the numbers.

" Okay, if you don't mind the idea of living out of this tin can until your prospective employer arrives. We can dump the residence and liquidate most of you cash generating assets as well as the properties you've bought into over the years."

" What about all my off world assets, how quickly can you liquidate those?"

Foster shrugged. " It could take some time but it can be done. I should warn you though that liquidating your portfolio like this is risky."

Jurran only shrugged." Sell everything, I don't plan on coming back this way again in this lifetime."

Foster nodded but said nothing.

" Make it so number one..."

Jurran smirked repeating the line she'd heard from some historical record of early human space travel.

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