The Second Task

While this was not Alisha's first time in zero-g, it was her first time experiencing it without a tour guide helping her through it... although Captain Bruce's AI, Aurelius, was being as helpful as it could. Nonetheless, making her way through the long passageways with her suitcase that contained most of her portable life's possessions behind her without gravity to keep her grounded was proving to be a real pain, and she had gotten turned around as well as collided into the walls, ceiling, or floor with her head a few times.

Eventually, she got a system down, and she finally made it the bridge. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to stay there and get settled, as immediately after she arrived, the Captain instructed her to find another crew member, who was apparently a cyborg, and "keep him from dying."

Alisha had become a certified first responder at the school she had worked for and had a handful of experiences dealing with seriously injured students until an ambulance arrived. That was not the skill she had been expecting to need to use before she even got moved in, but well, if one of her coworkers was in critical condition, then helping him survive was the right thing to do.

"Alright, can do," she affirmed out loud before turning back the way she had come. "Aurelius, can help me find my way to a first aid kit and my injured coworker?"

After the ever-useful AI gave her directions to the nearest first aid station, Alisha pushed herself back down the hallway in that direction with her suitcase in tow, as she didn't really know what else to do with it at the moment.

She didn't get terribly far before the entire ship shook violently, with one of the walls of the hallway striking Alisha hard and sending her rebounding down the passageway. Her heart pounded in her chest as she got shot around like a pinball. Eventually, her direction and speed stabilized enough, but by that time she was quite battered and shaken, and her suitcase was floating away from her. Hopefully, that wouldn't make it into space before they turned gravity back on, assuming they were intending turn gravity back on.

"It's going to be okay," Alisha assured herself as she forced herself to keep going. She was feeling apprehensive that the ship would shake like that again, and next time she wouldn't land as well, but she still had a colleague to save, or well, preserve until an actual doctor could take a look at him or her.

Hardening her resolve, she continued toward the first aid station, and after getting a kit, she headed toward the belly cannon, which was where her injured companion supposedly was...

A little while later, she finally made it to the belly cannon, where she saw a man sitting at the controls of the weapon. "The captain sent me to help you out," she said, announcing her presence. "Can you speak comfortably enough to describe your condition?"

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