Nearly There...

When the mass lock hemisphere disappeared off his radar, Jaedon chuckled. They were out. They’d be gone in just a…

"Captain, another interdictor has come out of supercruise directly aport. She is not charging a mass lock, but she is coming in range," the Yassengoro said. Fuck.

The coordinates were ready, but the LWD was still charging. The smuggler flicked the radar over to the new cruiser, and a yellow tractor arch began to bridge the gap between it and the Cornucopia; beneath that arch was a percent readout: 85%. Double fuck. The LWD was on 85%, they were both charging at the exact same rate. He’d have to whip out the old smuggler trick: dark charging. Dark charging is a classic smuggling maneuver, in which nearly all of a ship’s systems must be switched off to speed up the charging process.

“If you’re not strapped in, ya’ better get that way,” he said over the intercom. “The lights are goin’ out, and the intercom is too. This is your only warning, everybody.”

He hit the button and the emergency lights came on in the bridge. Sweat dripped from his fingers onto the holo-display as he refreshed the LWD readout. He ran a countdown between the two percents. It was close.

85% - 85%. Triple fuck. It would have to be a maneuver, then, or they wouldn’t be getting away from that arch in time. He turned the Cornucopia a few points to starboard, - 88%, 88% - and held his breath. 90% - 90%. Quadruple fuck. It would have to be increased throttle, then. Jaedon pushed the throttle to a hair beneath the red line and began to pray. He wasn’t even religious!

93% - 93%, 95% - 95%. The ship alerted them of engine damage. 97% - 97%. On his radar the Cornucopia was gradually distancing itself from the arch; but if that tractor beam locked onto it, that distance would be closed within minutes. 98% -98%...

Someone would have to do something, and quick, or that powerful-ass tractor beam would have them in it's iron grip.

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