Psionic: 1

There was denying the bravery, brashness, and stupidity of how Mr. Jyme was to Corvo Donva. He suspected he might have been good friends in his earlier youth, had he not been subject to terrible experiences himself. He shook his mental fatigue, concentrating instead on the nav display board. Contrary to what his young counterpart was fretting, space navigation was all about time.

Something humans apparently forgot about at times, pun all intended in the irony. Though, he was doing his best not to direct his thoughts towards anyone, mind already splitting from his heroic efforts and the onslaught of the captain's distress.

Of course, that had to be the trauma. He could understand the fear and what had happened, at the same time loathing what the Confederacy had become in that time. Indentured servitude was a common penal sentence as well as a means to pay debt. The darkest times of the Confederacy was behind him though, he knew that since they had been flourishing. Though the mental wounds of the captain had not flourished in healing, it seemed. Lost in the memories, choked on pain and suffering, bound in torment.

He redirected his thoughts, watching the ship equally accelerate and begin to groan. While primary systems, such as the Structural Integrity Field and Inertial Dampner Field kept the ship and crew from coming undone at higher-than-sustainable-life-speeds, the gravity dampners were not a primary system. It was regulated to Life Support.

What gravity dampners, as Donva knew as most humanoid and similar like-minded races did, were in purpose were a means not only to keep the crew feet first on the deck but to keep the ship's own gravity from tugging at any forces. Naturally, a ship this big would generate its own gravity, though it was less than preferred for operation. This gravity played into FTL travel, as it kept the artificial and natural gravity of the ship from splitting it.

Of course, the drive of this ship was far in excess needed in power to make such a potential disaster irrelevant. But whether or not the hull would sustain such drastic increases in speed, despite its repairs, was of Donva's concern. She groaned an old sigh as she slightly rattled, the engines droning into higher gears.

The Cornucopia was nearly there when the screens warned of a target lock. That tractor was still charging, and a Proto-Tractor was definitely not something to be caught. Unlike most tractor beams, which were proportionate to the weight and power of a ship, Proto-Tractors emitted a much more powerful null field, capable of snatching even dreadnought vessels. Donva knew them as Capital Tractors in the Confederacy, but had never seen one mounted on something so small as a cruiser.

The warning lock soon gave way to a response in the form of three plasma bolts arcing through the starry night across their bow, eerie green starfire brushing close by before disappearing just as quickly as it appeared. "The unidentified cruiser has fired a salvo across our bow," he stated obviously. "Incoming hail," he added, half-turning to the captain. One look showed he was in no shape to command, much to his worry.

Perhaps there is much more to unravel here than I thought, Donva mused.

Captain, please respond. I am Donva, and your crew require your assistance! I can see your pain but you must come back, focus on the ship, back to here.

Corvo hoped his mental message penetrated the trauma, turning back to the board. They were nearly there...

He flicked on the hail, humoring the ship. " This is Carnassian warship Tyrin, power down your engine and prepare to be boarded."

One look showed the Light Wave Drive was nearly ready. They only said that because they knew they couldn't catch this ship. The emotion was there: urgency, plotting, fear of escape! Corvo smiled despite his migraine. They were going to make it! Of course, this was answered with several direct hits from aft, those corvettes pushing fast to get up behind her. Their laser batteries were military-grade but were little more than small jabs at the aft shields. Still, the power there dropped from 25% to 20% after a few potshots.

A green Terran light blinked on at the same time as a much deeper golden-color light, the ship ahum with reality-bending power. "Warp bubble established, redirecting power to systems... Hyperspace jump in 3..."

The cruiser saw her attempt and fired another salvo from her fore tri-barreled plasma battery. This time, they slammed into the forward shields with a deck-turning impact. They flared and died, static discharging before hexing away from existence.

The Proto-Tractor fired.


Just as the alarm sounded, just the hair's breadth of a second early, the deck sounded with a thrump! An invisible null field sweeping through space, focused squarely on the Cornucopia, barely missed the ion shot that struck the cruiser's fore. Lightning arched off from across every exhaust port, lights flickering as something gave way.

"1... Engaging!"

Before them, space stretched as a white bubble surrounded them in rainbow star light. Now, they sped along the swirling unfathomable azure hyperspace tunnel. To the onlookers, it looked as if the Cornucopia came almost to a complete stop as the interdictor manage to land the tractor. Indeed, her speed dropped by half at the attempt, the cruiser just now erupting in discharges from a well placed shot. With a second of stillness, the behemoth floated next to the spectacular display. Next, it blinked forward with a reddish flash of light, her ports now red-zoning outwards at the speed of light, all within a frame of a second faster than the eye could capture.

Donva sat back, turning to the helmsman next to him. A genuine smile was on his face as he pulled the mask off. The air was a bit thin but the pumps were already rattling fresh air in. "Well done!" He congratulated. "You fly in rather lucky circles, Mr. Jyme. Certainly from somewhere within you, at least."

The rush of the escape was still thrumming through his veins when he remembered the captain. He stood and turned. "Captain Bruce?"

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