Safe at last! ...maybe not.

With this new cruiser bearing down on them, Krueger was out of ideas. He was an engineer after all, not a gunner. And unlike the other ship, which was still comically pinwheeling out of control, this one appeared beautifully maintained. No clever work-arounds to be exploited.

"Screw it! I'm switching to the blow them to smithereens maneuver," he said.

And then the whole ship went black; dead. After the initial panic, he realized what was going on. Someone on the bridge was shunting every last watt of power to the LWD drive in order to make the jump a few seconds sooner. Well, he hoped that was the case anyway. The alternative was that there was still an intruder onboard and they'd managed to cut the Cornucopia's power. Tense seconds ticked by. Gods! He could have killed for a cigarette!

Then, as he was contemplating the logistics of smoking inside an E-suit, it happened. The ship finaly jumped to FTL.

"Well slap my ass and call me Nancy! We actually got away," he declared over the comms.

With gravity and life support coming back on, he discarded the E-suit and made his way toward the command center. By the time the lift arrived, he was on his third cigarette. He unceremoniously dropped the butt on the deck and stepped on it before stepping out.

"Captain Bruce?" a Yassengoro was saying, leering over the Captain.

"Hey, Brain-blaster. What's wrong with him?" Krueger asked, gritting his teeth and resting his palm on the grip of his laz-pistole.

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