The Captain Isolates Himself, and the Cornucopia Enters Midus 242

"Captain Bruce?" the Yassengoro said to his back as he made his way aft to his cabin ladder. He passed Mr. Krueger entering from the turbo-lift. The Captain's mind was so troubled he forgot to inform the engineer that smoking in the bridge was in direct violation of the E-form he signed, he simply passed him by and pulled himself up the ladder. Bruce shut and locked the soundproofed top-hatch behind himself, a clear indication that he wouldn't be taking visitors.

It didn't take an empath to tell that he was troubled.


The Cornucopia came directly out of hyperspace above the moon Minos, which was one of the gas giant Minotaur's larger satellites. It took a very skilled astronavigator to take a ship directly out of hyperspace above a planet, let alone one moon in 53. Had things been different, Mr. Donva would have recieved glowing praise from his Captain; maybe even some sort of reward; but Donva was...

Out the port viewports, the moon's ecumenopolis city New Vegas coruscated, and dozens of space stations hung in high and low orbits. Ships and shuttles could be seen in streams and clusters, carrying great amounts of cargo and people down to the thriving outlaw's city.

While in his cabin, Captain Bruce had Aurelius send communications to Dr. Jurran, giving her a brief description of the status of his two injured and ordering her aboard as soon as possible. Then he got to searching the Galnet.

He was trying to discover something, anything, that could put him on equal footing with the psionic. They could go no further until that problem was solved.

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