Into Orbit

The Moon of Minos
New Vegas Anchorage

" Their in orbit now … " Betty reported to Jurran as she watched the Doctor dress." The communication reporting two casualties aboard ship. An enhanced humanoid and a Mystril." Betty offered.

" A Mystril, Really ?" Jurran inquired offering an upwards glance in mild suprise as she sealed her second skin. " Now there is a race you don't hear about everyday ? "

Betty nodded her head in agreement. " No Ma'am, not everyday. "

" What kind of injuries are we talking about ? " Jurran inquired pulling a synthetic leather jacket over her second skin before reaching for her boots.

" The communication reports damage to the dermal layer on the Mystril and possible internal injuries on the human ma'am." Betty noted. " No information regarding a cause of these injuries however. Do you suppose they are a test ?"

Jurran shrugged. " How long will it take for you to get us there ?"

Betty shrugged. " 38 minutes if I obey all the rules governing Innersphere and near orbital traffic. 15 mins if I fly with a total disregard for those same rules ma'am."

Jurran smirked. " Do be a dear and get us there in a reasonable amount of time and please do so without breaking all the local airspace regulations shall we. We only just got you certified to fly this thing after all."

" Understood, I can get us there in 24 mins give or take if I only fudge a few of the rules as you like to say. What about the casualties aboard ship ma'am?"

Jurran shrugged. " I'll need to culture some dermal regenerative spray for the Mystril and perhaps some dermal membrane patches in case we need a more aggressive solution. As for the enhanced humanoid … A field trauma kit with artificial plasma and some nano replicator injectors. Nothing too exotic, I'll have it all ready by the time we get there."

Betty nodded her understanding and headed forward to the pilot's compartment. The Gravity drive going online a moment later as the shuttle lifted off from the pad and started down the air traffic corridor to the gates.


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