Accurate Parking

Psionic: 2

"Hey, Brain-blaster. What's wrong with him?" Krueger asked, gritting his teeth and resting his palm on the grip of his laz-pistole.

Donva didn't answer and neither did the captain as he got up and walked away. Donva turned back to Krueger, a resigned sigh escaping him. "A great many things that is not my place. Stations, please," he finished with a swift turn back to his station. The captain was needing time, he could sense, and he felt it wise to rescind further talk until the captain felt he was ready. He took his seat, looking across the array of displays.

"Power distribution complete, all secondary functions restored," he began, calling to the rest of the ship via intercom with a shiply report, completely without thought and with complete muscle memory. "All habitat areas are repressurized. All crew, report department readiness."

He clicked off with a natural flick of his finger, pressing another display to life, the same motion completed a second later. He felt the pride of his counterpart, excited mood echoing Donva's. However, he could feel more will in his movements and the emotions no longer seemed like too much.

Corvo reached out with his left hand, snagging the belt of the pilot as he rose. His thoughts were of celebration, no thoughts of worry about the navigation. The jump distance of their hypercourse was significantly larger than most sub-thousand displacement tons in weight, in both sheer mass and drive range. It was necessary for the helmsman and astrogator monitor certain key thresholds during hyperspace, and the matter of how accurate their actual jump was...

"Mr. Jyme!" He said with a serious yet gentle face upon the over-eager pilot. "I am glad you have managed to make our transition an eventful and assuring way of your skills. Shouldn't we check your entry post-calculations before we lock in the controls?"

" Uhh-"

"Of course, you know this," he said with a smile. "It takes exceptional skill to maneuver a dreadnought, more so under battle conditions on an emergency jump. Of course, right?" He waited for a statement before finishing, "Then of course, the best pilot in the galaxy should be able to correct any post entry errors?"

He felt the emotions bubble in the human and he silently contained his own mirth. Hotshot pilots were such interesting and adventurous individuals, with the most intense lives when the moment arrives.

He gestured back to his seat with a calm, smooth gesture. One could mistake him almost for a gentleman, his posture like that of those old Terran nobles of yore. And thankfully, the light was now to normal. The cyborg couldn't see his silver eyes this far away. Only Jyme could, Donva keeping his attention on the board.

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((The Moon of Minos, Polar Orbit))

((GST: 26:38))

It was some hours, Donva letting the poor young one go and have fun some time ago. He sat in his navigation chair, eyes closed while hands were folded neatly in his lap. He missed the old days of the Void Drive, or as Terrans described it as Frameshift Drive, with the feeling of the Endless alive with an energy he knew no other experience to.

He meditated on his experiences and past multiple times, at times wondering what could have been different, what new outcome he would take for another event. The captain's memory was still harsh but was fading now. His migraine had also faded after the first hour of meditation, much to his relief. He doubted he wanted to test his abilities like that any time soon, feeling the raw excess weight crunching in his memories. He shivered and snapped his eyes open.

They were almost there.

"Bridge to Captain Bruce, we are exiting hyperspace in thirty minutes. Engines are currently operating at an easy 65%. No sign of pursuit still, it appears they have not come after us. I will alert you when we arrive."

He tapped his console and sent the report, silence being the only response as the ship drew ever closer to her exit point. He thought about the proceedings with the crew, and felt a myriad of emotion from their activities, assuring him they were mostly alright. He was starting to wander if he should have joined someone on the crew when the time came.

The Cornucopia came directly out of hyperspace above the moon Minos, which was one of the gas giant Minotaur's larger satellites with a brief, muted blue flash. It took a very skilled astronavigator to take a ship directly out of hyperspace above a planet, let alone one moon in 53. His hands moved quickly to her thruster control and eased her steady, bringing her nose away from the moon and to her horizon.

Out the port viewports, the moon's ecumenopolis city New Vegas coruscated, and dozens of space stations hung in high and low orbits. Ships and shuttles could be seen in streams and clusters, carrying great amounts of cargo and people down to the thriving outlaw's city.

It certainly was a sight to see, a fresh new world for a whole new adventure! Corvo was sure the future held some interesting times in stock.

"Bridge to Captain Bruce, we have arrived at our destination, entering parking orbit over polar regions," he reported to the silence. An actual sigh escaped him, feeling frustration at the silence but doing absolutely nothing since there was nothing he could do.

He shook his head and concentrated on his board, keeping his telepathy open to any that approached the bridge.

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