5 Minutes Out

Minos - Near Polar Orbit
ITS Cornucopia

In the darkness of space the Ancient vessel was almost invisible to the naked eye. It's dark metallic hull unseen until Betty elected to key the forward outboard lights.

One look at the ancient vessels dark hull as it came into view and Jurran was suddenly certain that the 9mm service pistol in her shoulder holster was not going to be enough in the way of protection.

" Ugly isn't it ?" Betty noted aloud as the Cutlass glided the length of the massive vessels central axis.

Jurran nodded. " I'd say I've seen vessel's in worse shape but most of those had already been abandoned by their crews."

" Scans are showing the vessel is venting atmosphere from no less than two dozen locations and there are also signs of damage to the hull from recent weapons fire." Betty noted." I'd pack an extra breather if I were you."

" Noted..." Jurran nodded her agreement as she wrapped a utility belt and holster around her waist pausing long enough to reach down and fasten the thigh strap before sliding the Ultra Power heavy pistol into its place on her hip. " Betty, I'm not saying this will go south but I want you to be sync'd with my bio monitor and earpiece at all times."

Betty nodded her understanding. " Already done Ma'am."

The Cutlass clearing the forward end of the vessel Betty rolled the nose around 180 degrees letting it drift out 2 to 3 hundred meters so they could get a good look at the front end.

" It reminds me of the ship from the holo-drama we watched the other night. The Creature from the ... " Betty paused listening to the chatter coming in over the comm." Aurelius has cleared us for pad 6 and reports that the Mystril is currently unresponsive and is still bleeding out Ma'am."

Jurran nodded. " Sounds like we'll be needing more than some nano-spray and membrane patches. I'll need to fill a canister with mixture of safe gases as well."


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