Alisha could understand the cyborg man's hesitation of letting a complete stranger operate on him, but she had been explicitly instructed to help the man by their captain, and for what it was worth, he definitely did not appear to be in good shape.

Then the ship began to shake and groan, and Alisha was momentarily distracted from her task. She managed to grab hold of something before an odd feeling throughout her body...

"I'll live. You should sit down. You look pale."

Alisha took the man's advice and sat in an extra seat. The next few minutes passed in awkward silence. Once power and gravity came back on, Alisha again offered to help, but the man walked past her without acknowledging her remark.

Alisha sat for another minute, contemplating her recent experiences. She had not been quite sure what this job would look like, but get thrown about in zero-g and being asked to do field surgery on a sullen cyborg who refused her aid was not what she had been expecting. She sighed. Hopefully things would settle down a bit and she could finally get into a room. Speaking of which...

"Aurellius, is there any chance you could help me find my suitcase?"

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