Renewed Vigor

After about a standard hour of complete silence from the Captain, he came down his cabin's ladder, his vigor clearly much renewed. He had a solution now, and all other processes could be done in order to reach it. He walked across the dais to his chair and keyed the ship's intercom, "All crewmen report to the forward bridge. All crewmen report to the forward bridge."

Without bothering to ask Donva, who was running post-jump diagnostics, he went looking for Mr. Jyme. He found the young pilot in one of the crew rooms, curled up on his bunk watching a vidshow. Through the inverted hologram, he saw the iconic, muscular, medieval fantasy hero DeathBlade cutting down dozens of Lord Akram's nameless henchmen. "Mr. Jyme, take Mr. Nimbus to sickbay," he pointed to the deck. "One deck below us."

Jyme asked for mercy, the episode was almost over!

"That is an order. Unless said otherwise, orders are to be carried out immediately." He withdrew.

The Captain found Mr. Krueger at the end of the crew quarters' passageway, waiting with a data slate in hand to tell him the condition of the ship. Engine 2s photon accelerator had been damaged when Jaedon had pushed too hard on the throttle, and would need slight repairs. "Is that all?" he asked his engineer. Krueger was pretty sure that was all. They had made it out of Carnassus pretty light considering the amount of ships participating in the chase. The Cornucopia wouldn't need drydock, which was good, and she could leave the system within 15 minutes if Mr. Krueger worked half as hard as he had on the forward shield drive.

At this point they were waiting on Dr. Jurran, who he had contacted prior to their Carnassus chase, to tell him whether or not the Mystil would require a hospital. If not, they would leave as soon as the photon accelerator was repaired.


He nodded to Jurran, who had just stepped out of the turbolift. "On the deck beneath us you will find the sickbay in which one of our casualties rests, also, we have another casualty in the belly cannon, though we are as yet unsure of his condition." When he noticed the other woman he raised an eyebrow. "It was not specified in our contract that you would be bringing a companion along, there are only enough beds for ten crewmen. You will have to find a place for her to sleep."

Dr. Jurran explained to him that she was a robot, that she did not need sleep, only a place to charge; that she was very necessary as she was a qualified nurse droid, and would help her in her medical processes. He voiced his approval and turned away from her. Unlike most men, the Captain payed no heed to her beauty.

Bruce took a seat in his captain's chair. "Mr. Donva," he began in sterner tones than he had with the other members of the crew, "plot a course for the Ulthar system, more specifically its one habitable planet, which shares its name."

Anyone knowledgeable of astro-geography would be immediately confused, as Ulthar - a large node on the Dunsany trade route - was 46 light years deeper into the Human Bubble, not beyond it. There could be no legitimate reason why the Captain should want to go there, as Ulthar didn't carry anything particularly valuable or interesting to warrant the Cornucopia going 46 light years out of her way.

But he did want to go there, for a thing native to there that most people don't know about. Bruce had been spending the hour reading through old texts that he had collected on his other journeys, sifting through the sheafs to find a solution to his problem. He was happy he had remembered this finding from a cursory glance he had given the papers months ago, and was able to re-locate it.

There was something very important there, something very important to his mental health, and the well-being of his crew.

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