Mail Call

With no response from their suddenly aloof captain, Krueger was becoming more and more dubious about this gig. So far, he'd been nearly shot down by Port Authority, shot at by a boarding party, beaten to a pulp by the mother fucking Hulk, and nearly fried in space by an enemy cruiser that he wasn't even allowed to destroy in return! And the absolute worst part of it was, every bit of it was covered in the strangely specific contract he'd signed.

With a sigh, he slumped into one of the auxiliary control stations and began looking over various ship systems. There was a lot of room for improvement. In fact, a whole team of engineers would have stared, mouth agape at the amount of work. The power distribution system was a joke. Totally inefficient. And that was just the tip of the galactic iceberg. When all was said and done, he wrapped the report up and digitally flung it into the captain's e-mailbox. What more could he do?

As they orbited closer to one of the planet's space stations, his onboard tech synced with it's GalNet node. In the top left of his periphery, a series of mailbox tabs appeared:

Mail: 2,532
Urgent Mail: 85,676
Junk Mail: 1,654,123
Tentacle Mail: 23
Zoe: 1


He took a deep breath and slipped a cigarette between his lips. With a thought click, he opened the letter.

'Stick with it, Freddy. I know you're questioning yourself right now, traveling into deep space on a big hunk of junk like the Cornucopia. But no planet's ever been big enough for you. I know there's nothing you can't do.


"Well I'll be damned," he said, leaning back in his chair.

He took a long draw from his cigarette and held onto it for the better part of a minute, before letting it out in a long, thoughtful stream. While others might find it a little disconcerting to have their ex wife both willing and able to keep such close tabs on them, he found it oddly comforting.

And as the last few centimeters of the cigarette's truly low grade tobacco was converted into ash, the Captain finally emerged from his reclusive sanctum. Feeling a sudden vigor that he hadn't felt since that time Zoe and he had visited the brothels on Tongour Prime, he rose to greet him.

It was a straight to the point kinda conversation. With no explanation for his absence, the man simply asked for the damage report.

"Well Cap, seems your flyboy pushed things a little too hard and now engine two's photon accelerator's broken a bit," Krueger explained.

"Is that all?" Bruce asked.

"Well, basically. Could of been a lot worse, though. And before you ask, I can probably knock it out in fifteen minutes or so, once I get down there. No drydock required. The bigger problem is your powerplant. For a ship this size, it's underpowered. Now, I can optimize the distribution network, which should help some. I'd read the report I sent you for the full picture, " Krueger said.

And so the conversation ended. He headed toward the lift to get started. On the way, he passed an older, if very well taken care of, woman and her robot. It was a S7 model, if he was not mistaken. Excellent engineering, inside and out. ...And inside.

"Good Morning, I'm Dr Jurran...," she said. "And this is Nurse Betty. I'm told my services were needed here first?"

"I'll have to take a rain check, sweety," he said, stepping into the lift and disappearing into the depths of the ship to do what he does best.

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