The Doctor is In

ITS Cornucopia
The Bridge

In truth Jurran had expected the exchange regarding the artificial to take a little more effort to explain away. As it happened, beyond the fact that the Captain was not obligated to pay for the extra body. The matter was settled in surprisingly short order, the Captain's attention's turning elsewhere without further comment nor concern.

Truthfully, it was the questions that he hadn't ask that proved more interesting to her, but it was clear to her almost at once that beyond the matter of what he was, and was not, required to pay for, all else held little real interest nor concern for him.

And then there was the others …

The engineer who needed to shave, firing off the raincheck crack in passing, or combat cyborg that gave her an odd look that suggested familiarity before reporting in to the Captain.

There were a couple of others but at the moment she had other matters to attempt. " Come along dear we are needed downstairs."

A ride in the lift followed by a short walk down another dark corridor and they found themselves in the sickbay.

" Well shit … " Was all Jurran could think to say giving the place a once over.

Thankfully the sickbay was brighter lit than the corridor's beyond, though not by much in Jurran's opinion. The environment sterile if not well organized nor well maintained. The room itself having clearly been repurposed from whatever that original purpose it might have once served.

Jurran motion to Betty to set the cases she carried onto a nearby table.

"Remind me later that we're going need to do a full inventory and function check of all of this later."

Jurran's attention turn to the Mystril's injuries for what seemed the longest time frowning her annoyance. Taking note that the prior awkward attempt to handle the original injuries had not only made it worse but had also resulted in several scattered tears in the epidermal membrane.

" He doesn't look good." Betty noted with a look of concern as she set down the Med and Surgical kits she carried on the table.

"Okay, so once we're done patching up the damaged membrane around the primary injury. We'll need to move him into a saline bath so his dermal layer can rehydrate and regenerate. That should also help us spot any additional invisible tears or punctures."

She took a deep breath removing her work gloves and collecting a pair of latex ones from the kit.

" So, we'll start with the canister of Safe Gases at low pressure via a sealed hood to introduce the first stage nanites, and than apply the Dermal Regenerative spray externally around the affected area."

Jurran found herself stared at the chaos of dried foam and poorly applied bandages again for a moment and sighed.

" Then we'll need to address that mess of an injury itself."


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