Psionic: 2

"Mr. Donva," the captain began in sterner tones than he had with the other members of the crew, "plot a course for the Ulthar system, more specifically its one habitable planet, which shares its name."

Corvo took to his station, professionally tapping at his controls as he responded in an equally professional, "Aye, aye, captain. Plotting course for planet Ulthar, Ulthar system."

That would take them deeper into the Bubble, territory that was held by megacorporations and the actual Terran government. Corvo did think it was odd that no pursuit was given from the Carnassian government, given the number but he took it as a sign of luck. After all, everyone had some luck in the black void.

"Light Wave Drive charging, now at 10%. Course... Plotted," Donva reported.

The world of thought swirled around him though it was now blocked off by his mental wards, a sea wall of will against a turbulent ocean. Though, with the small numbers on the bridge, it was more like rapids and he the rock. He could still sense emotions, that he never could stop. He felt the disgust in Captain Bruce more than he heard it, felt the slight alarm and belligerence as the cyborg Claymore looked him over.

Of course, the two new women were there. He glanced over and gave curious glances with his mind. The woman was an interesting mix of guarded emotion and worry but the other...

Corvo blinked. He couldn't read her at all. Unlike others, he couldn't sense anything. It wasn't like this woman was hiding their emotions, he actively could not feel her. He felt a bit confused as the two people left, new hires going to their jobs.

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