Welcome Isekai-ers

Nunya continued to hold onto Quickfix searching for answers that he wouldn't be able to get from the bot, when a mysterious being came up to the two pulling Nunya off of him. The cloaked being looked around searching for Birdy and then levitated her over to the rest of the group. They looked among the faces of all the beings and turned to the villagers, who all dispersed after seeing the cloaked figure raise their hands high.

Before the cloaked figure would turn around, Nunya would jump up at the cloaked figure seeing that the being seemed to be the head honcho in all of the hubbub, only to be sent flying back towards the ground with the others. The cloaked figure was someone of immense power, they would be able to tell.

"You all have been summoned here for a reason. Find that reason and destroy it." They said before disappearing into a cloud of smoke.

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