Stalker-Stalker where have you been?

Hidden in the midday shadows, she crouched on a window sill nearly touching the roof. Newfolk had arrived again and the so had "the thing". Mari wondered what it had summoned these ones for this time. As she listened, it prattled on about their "quest". Vanquish the evil or what-not, then go home. Fairytale-Esque bullshit as usual.

She was just curious; it wasn't every day that Newfolk arrived. "The Thing" liked to capitalize on people's confusion. It made them easier to manipulate towards its own goals; even if it was particularly honest.

Sighing, she nimbly jumped down a near-by tree and decided to take her leave. She stopped. Something.... didn't feel quite right, or perhaps she'd finally let that feeling get to her. Guilt, maybe? Nah, it wasn't her fault they'd ended up in that mess. She wouldn't get involved.

Wasn't her job. Wasn't her responsibility. Wasn't. Her. Business.

"God-dammit" she cursed under her breath as she turned around and scampered closer. Taking to a nearby pub, she slipped into one of the few tables just outside the entrance and kept her ears fixated on the Newfolk's conversations.

The loud boy seemed rash, quick to both jump to conclusions and act on them. The 'bot was like a lost child and the young lady had quick reflexes and a good head on her shoulders. This was an odd group to bring together. It appears she'd have to stick closer if she wanted more information.

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Uhh, just a few things nearly everything Mari mentioned about other characters including [????] are her own subjective opinions on them just based off of what she 'knows' or has already seen of them and not me trying to characterize anyone else's character.

Also, I'd like to talk to Tsuxken in private a little about things between Mari and [????] if they don't mind.)

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