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Summary: Genetically engineered resurrection of dead warriors, ultimate weapon designed to be assassin.

Lt. Commander Avakhon Khinsharri

Gender: Male

Age: 760

Group: Contestant Characters


While outwardly he appears to be Klingon, he is a genetically re-engineered being, DNA from Romulan (For guile, cunning), Klingon (for strength and fierceness), Vulcan (For upper mind abilities including telepathy and logical thought processes), Terran (For sheer unpredictability in actions and emotional responses), Beta-Zed(MORE telepathic abilities) and Cappellan Razor Cat(For electrical absorption and discharge) combine into a being of immense power, stealth, and fierceness.
In his extremely long life, he has seen to the creation of thousands of Khinsharri, as it is customary for the bodies of fallen warriors to be considered worthless to the Empire anymore. He is the First and as such has set the standard. IN his history, he has seen the Empire rise and fall MANY times, but he is there for that Empire, as protectorate and guardian of all things Klingon.
The Khinsharri is what the heart of a warrior fears the most, as they represent the undead, spiritless, monsters of the culture. Trained in assassin's arts as well as the priests of Durgath, they are what younglings are told will capture them if they disobey their parents. Having NO great house or family line to speak of, they exist only to serve the Empire or whoever they have been assigned to for this time. Currently, it is in the Federation.


Chief Of Operations
aboard the USS Endeavor


Lt. Commander

Physical Appearance

Nearly two meters high, built like a horse, he is the model fo physique. At 760 years old, he appears to be mid-forties by Terran Standards and is often confused for much younger by those around him due to agility, strength, witt, and clarity of mind. Also known to be very fond of Terran Humor patterns, he often inserts it into situations as a defensive mechanism allowing others to be thrown off guard and distracted by the off-hand word or gesture.


The Khinsharri were created by scientists over 775 years ago after the attempted assassination of the Emperor. There were two warriors that defended the Emperor against 30 others trying to kill him in a plot by opposing houses. While they escaped to Boretlth, the Emperor wanted these two warriors to be HIS personal guards for as long as they or he lived.
Deciding that they were above any normal warriors, it was discovered that they were indeed NOT of this galaxy. Though they were dead, they yet lived, They had sustained multiple stabs with swords to internal organs, yet they were healing almost before the eyes of the scientists. Afterwards they revealed that they were part of an advanced scouting group to see what the dominant species were in this galaxy and how to defeat them.
This is where these two warriors began to fall away. They revealed their lifespans were limited to roughly 10 years via the genetics of their creators and they had been collecting DNA samples for the next generation of soldiers to be sent through to this universe. Sometime after this, both died, but they did reveal some advanced technology to the scientists of that day and how to create beings similar to themselves, but not exactly like them, as there wasn't any more of them in this universe. The scientists decided to create a warrior to counter these intruders and they searched the galaxy for traits they could implant into their new creations, Thus the Khinsharri was born, or recreated. The chose those races that were known and up and coming into space exploration so that those warriors would be able to withstand anything that might come their way for a thousand years.

Service Record

They have become the private guards or protectors of every major house or leader of the Empire for over 760 years with the initial warrior, Avakhon, who was assigned to Kohlar the undefeated in the fourth year of his reign.


As a genetically created being, he has no known family or relatives. Those of his kind are brought back from the dead and honored fallen warriors. They serve the Empire as none other, and while they have NO claim to any great house, they have served under MANY great leaders and been behind some of the most bloody coups in the Klingon history, serving as priests AND assassins to insure the Empire remains.

Personality & Interests

Avakhon, being the first and longest living of his kind, tends towards a joker with comments and references to many different subjects when not involved with ship's duties.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Able to absorb and return energy weapons as lethal electrical charges in hand to hand combat, able to manipulate electrical and electronics as needed to maintain or destroy as needed. Can also use this power to accelerate the healing of others (This is where the priests of Durgath have limited their powers, to keep them humble. They usually cannot resist the warrior's plea to heal them or let them die with honor in battle!) can affect the magnetic fields of surrounding systems, can appear to be faster than the eye can see, but it is more likely an illusion wherein they use their natural stealth abilities to overload the senses of those around them temporarily causing momentary blindness, This can backfire in some species as it can cause them to go into shock or a coma. Not advisable for fellow comrades when they are in close combat.

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Image of Lt. Commander Avakhon Khinsharri
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