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Summary: Small, sassy yet exceptionally brilliant Chief Engineer.

Aji D'moonh

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Gender: Tamian Female

Age: 20

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Chief engineer of Galaxy Class starship, USS Endeavor.


Lieutenant Commander

Physical Appearance

Like most of her species Aji is a bit under a meter tall. She is very thin with light brown fur with dark markings along her cheeks and surrounding her eyes. She has a slight stub where her tail used to be before being surgically removed. While it provides increased dexterity in the arboreal wilds of Ojetwa 2, many spacefaring species find a large bushy tail a nuisance in the confined environment of a starship. Career Tamians frequently have their tails removed.

Her eyes are large and black.


Aji D'Monnh entered Starfleet Academy at age 8.
Upon Graduation she was assigned to Utopia Plenetia shipyards on Mars. In a short time she became an expert on the new warp cores for Galaxy class starships. Starfleet then drafted her as a specialist for refit and upgrades jumping from starshipe to starbase across the Federation, never staying long, but working with the newest technologies available. Following the encounter with the Borg at Wolf 359, Aji was given her first placement on a deployed starship as Chief Engineer on the newly launched USS Endeavor. Overseeing the shakedown cruise, Aji is rapidly working to customize shipboard system to maximum efficiency.


Aji comes from a brood of 4 kits, and she is one of 24 offspring from her parents. Only one of her family besides her has left the Ojetwa system. Her species is very conservative and a bit xenophobic when it comes to offworlders. Aji is considered the free thinking risk taker of the family. Not quite a black sheep, but more of a reckless daredevil. There was much gossip and scandal when Aji had her tail removed.

Personality & Interests

Aji is highly energetic and enthusiastic. Some would say a bit too enthusiastic. Her mind darts between tasks at hand, she has a difficult time staying focused on one specific job.

Aji loves to fly and often dreams about soaring over the forests of her homeworld. If she had spare time, which isn't often, she enjoys Halo skydiving, and fashioning wings, kites and other craft aeronautic devices. Aji also loves fine foods. Since most of her life is filled with finding her next snack, she appreciates masters of the art of cooking.

Strengths & Weaknesses

At roughly 2.5 feet tall, Aji lives in a world designed for people besides her. Her size makes her a master at technical details, few can get through conduits and ventilation systems with the speed and efficiency of a Tamian. She is rather fragile. Her bones are thin and she weighs very little. It allows her to dart quickly between machinery, and leap to heights few are capable of, but she is not one to bring into battle, unless she is really mad. She uses a Mark 1 phaser like a rifle. Her very rapid movement and speed is balanced by an equally high metabolism. If she fails to each every couple hours she can slide into a low level coma. Despite human regulations, she keeps a pouch of snack with her most of the time she is on the job, and she knows the locations of nearly every food replicator on the ship.

Tamian life expectancy is 40 standard years. At 20 Aji is beginning to assess what she has done with her life. As much as she loves starship design, the sacrifices of family are weighing on her as her mortality starts to creep in.

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Image of Aji D'moonh
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