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Summary: Banished from the First Federation by his twin brother Balok, he now tends bar on the Endeavor.


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Gender: Male

Age: 33

Group: Contestant Characters


Linnik of the First Federation





Physical Appearance

Bolak is a quirky little fellow with a quick smile and an infectious laugh. He's around four feet tall with a bald head and bushy ginger eyebrows. He generally wears the traditional blue of the First Federation.


Bolak ran away from his home world upon his fathers death as his twin Balok sought to have him killed. The two have never seen eye to eye and Bolak has been forced to live a nomadic existence to avoid his brothers ire.

In London :Of Polish heritage Bolak was once a powerful and well respected partner in the East India trading company prior to the East India Stock Dividend Redemption Act 1873 and the disestablishment of the once proud business. The East India Company remains now as a society of rich and powerful partners who's interests are shrouded in mystery.

His brother is the commander of the East India Flag Ship, the Fessarius and highly influential in the diminished power of the society. For reasons know only to the two brothers, Bolak was disgraced and thrown out of the Society and so he came to London as a banished refugee. Over the years he sought various ways of building up his wealth and reputation once more and perhaps one day returning to his rightful place at his brothers side.

Service Record

This is Bolaks first job with the Federation as a civilian contractor


Bolak has a twin brother.
Bolak and Balok are not on speaking terms.

Personality & Interests

Bolak is outgoing and friendly. He is quick to listen and slow to judge and tries to find the silver lining in every cloud.

He is partial to a bottle of Tranya the native drink of his people and is an avid collector of adventure stories from around the universe.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Pours a mean synth ale
Highly intelligent
A master of deception

Diminutive and weak
Gets mistaken for a child
On occasion drinks too much Tranya and disgraces himself (usually when missing home).

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Image of Bolak
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