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Summary: She is the Astrometrics Ofc. on Endeavor she's loved for her vibrant but sometimes sassy personality

Zanessa Ogden

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Contestant Characters




Astrometrics officer

Physical Appearance

Long black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, a jagged scar on her torso from a Gorn attack.


Zanessa Ogden is a 22 year old human aboard the USS Endeavor as the Astrometric's officer. At 17, she had an accident with a black hole, causing her mind to be scrambled. Later after being abandoned on a planet by her old crew, where she was attacked and nearly killed by a Gorn, but was rescued by the USS Endeavor.

She doesn't remember much of her past but she was a fast learner causing her to quickly raise the ranks to Astrometrics Officer.

During the sim it is discovered that Zanessa is from another reality which is the cause of her memory lost. She also begins a romantic relationship with Alistar the ship's councilor.

Personality & Interests

She has a rather vibrant personality which can quickly turn to sarcastic and a bit sassy when needed. Her interests are: Reading, drawing, and writing.

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Image of Zanessa Ogden
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