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Summary: She is the Astrometrics Ofc. on Endeavor she's loved for her vibrant but sometimes sassy personality

Zanessa Ogden

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Contestant Characters




Astrometric's officer

Physical Appearance

Long black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, a jagged scar on her torso from a Gorn attack.


Zanessa Ogden is a 22 year old human aboard the USS Endeavor as the Astrometric's officer. At 17, she had an accident with a black hole, causing her mind to be scrambled. Later after being abandoned on a planet by her old crew, where she was attacked and nearly killed by a Gorn, but was rescued by the USS Endeavor.

She doesn't remember much of her past but she was a fast learner causing her to quickly raise the ranks to Astrometric's Officer.

Personality & Interests

She has a rather vibrant personality which can quickly turn to sarcastic and a bit sassy when needed. Her interests are: Reading, drawing, and writing.

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Image of Zanessa Ogden
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