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Summary: A Tamarian, Sokir was surrounded by tales of yore that led to an ambitious path to Starfleet.


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Gender: Male

Age: 40

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Chief Tactical Officer



Physical Appearance

Sokir is a very standard looking Tamarian. He has ruddy orange skin and a hairless body. He stands at six foot two inches and has the normal facial ridges, slitted nostrils, along with a pair of hole-like ears positioned on the side of his head that are higher than his eyes by an inch and a half. His deep green eyes are perceptive and crease into crescents easily when he smiles. His long thumb has a small sucker on the end and some of his arteries can be seen through his flesh as they pump his white blood. Sokir keeps on his uniform no extra adornment beyond Starfleet refulation.


Growing up surrounded by tales of yore, like any Tamarian child, Sokir became fascinated with the stories from afar. The stories that told Sokir not just the meaning of his language, but of places and possibilities not present on his homeworld of Sigma Tama IV. His beginnings of wonder and facination with the worlds, systems, and adventures outside of his planet naturally led to a life immersed in such for him. His enrollment at Starfleet Academy was no accident, rather it followed a challenging and ambitious urge of Sokir’s to find his place among the stars.

At first taking place on a deep space cargo vessel, Sokir found the experience of daily operation and life comfortable and quiet, even exciting to his fascinated mind and spirit. On a day, like many on the deep space vessel, when the back of his mind was quietly plotting the demise of his grandiose plans for star jumping in hopes of settling for a life as a cargo runner, the ship itself was boarded by a race unknown to the Tamarians and able to overpower many of them.

During this violent event, a part of Sokir thrashed out of him. An instinctual drive to champion for his ship pushed him past his limits, landing him in the med bay and with orders to rest for a month, though he had rallied his fellow Tamarians and revolted against the boarders successfully. The back of his mind’s plans were now overcome with doubt and the germinated seed of settling down was now a withered sprout, unable to grow. Within half of a year’s time, Sokir began a journey far from even the outer reachest of the deep space cargo ship, in search of a foundation for which to protect from and, still, to experience the worlds new to him.

Sometimes, while learning at the Academy and even at posts on Starfleet vessels, Sokir found himself looking through the eyes of those jaded. Some of those that knew of the wonders they taught him cast a veil of indifference between Sokir and the marvels. Lifting the veil was not always intuitive, but Sokir found in himself through learning and posts that there is always a newness to be discovered. Always, there is something to love about what he sees.

Among all else, Sokir is a champion of those he serves and serves under. He finds his urge to preserve the life around him wells up within him without restraint and he revels in his duty and capability to serve those that seek to explore.

Service Record

After graduation and much to his chagrin, Sokir served on a station close to Earth. After promotion from Ensign, he joined the USS Endeavor and moved at a moderate pace to his position as chief security officer, of which he has held for two years.


Sokir has two parents on his homeworld, but has no offspring or partner of his own.

Personality & Interests

Sokir is an optimistic person for a Chief Security Officer, though his bubbly attitude is compartmentalized away during combat situations. He mourns deeply for those that he served that are lost in battle and is generally a transparent person emotionally. His Tamarian brain is not constructed to have a concrete sense of self-identity and his belief system in himself and ideals are based in what is lawfully good rather than what he believes he would do or who he is. This translated to confusion when others act outside of what can be considered lawful and good in the past, though he has come to accept that this way of acting and thinking is possible within others. He assigned this behavior to enemies, most of all, so when his crewmen act out of his standard, it can be alarming to him.

He likes collections and collecting and for a long time at the Academy, had a fantastically growing collection of fishing gear- especially baubles. Currently, crystal sellers and specialty candle makers can find a he empties his wallet for them as he has found them more accessible while on space posts and off world than fisherman and their shops.

A few holodeck simulations have been created by Sokir and are not limited to, but include, modified Klingon simulations, training from the Vulcan warrior named Zakal, and ancient teachings of martial arts by masters of the form. He may be found utilizing the holodeck for these such programs on a rigid every other day schedule.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Sokir's strengths are his compassion and support for allies and friends, instinctual desire to preserve and protect, his curiosity, and his capability to persevere past his own limits and understanding.

His weaknesses are his sometimes dogged persistence to know and understand new things and his communication standards.

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Image of Sokir
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