Introductory Post


Contestants, please use the "OFF:" and "ON:" tags in all of your posts to differentiate between out-of-story and in-story, respectively. Also, sign the bottom of all of your posts with both your character (name, rank, and position) and your contestant names.

For your challenge posts, be sure to clearly indicate them in the top "OFF:" section. Something like "This is my weekly challenge post" is perfect.

That's it! Let's get started... but wait until September 8th to actually post.


{Star Fleet Command}

"Gosh darn-it," muttered Admiral Charles Star after spilling coffee all over the front of his dress uniform.


A little shorter than your average post, but you get the idea.

The standard format for signing posts will be this:

Rank CharacterName
USS Endeavor NCC-9819


Kinda like this:

Admiral Charles Star
Chief Of Fleet Operations
Star Fleet Command

Charles Star

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