The Silurian Situation

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Zanessa fell to her knees as the ground shook. “What is happening out there” she asked herself. She went to check it out. The ground shook again, she struggled to keep her footing as she ran her sonic screwdriver against the ground and rocks. “Oil rigs?” She thought going off the readings.

She left searching the area as the ground continued to shake. “Okay, that is way too frequent to be oil rigs, but I wonder what is going on?” She decided to check it out in detail later.

She read her sonic screwdriver once again. “Hmmm strange it’s detecting alien life forms.” She thought. “There must be something down there.” she realized. “Now all I have to figure out is what.” She sighed trying to think.

“Perhaps I could find the oil rig the signals are coming from and perhaps find more clues there.” She began to run through the thick green forest that surrounded her.

As she was running, she saw for a moment a shadow nearby move from the corner of her eye, she quickly stopped and studied the area getting a sickening feeling about the being she had seen. “Probably just my mind playing tricks on me.”

Wanting to go back to her main goal, she started running towards her destination once again, not knowing the shadow she saw was now following her.

Soon she stumbled upon an old Oil Rig noticing blue grass everywhere. “This is strange.” She noted. And began scanning the area.

She heard a hiss behind her shrugging it off as machinery, as she walked closer to the Rig. The ground strangely made a cracking sound making her walk more gently. “That is weird, the ground seems...unstable. Weird for somewhere with an oil rig” she muttered to herself.

A dark shadow watched as Zanessa neared an invisible entrance. Making a quick dash while howling in anger it tackled her to the ground clawing at her. Zanessa kicked at it fighting to free herself as they fought the ground crackling and shaking under them as another quake hit.

The two screamed as the ground cave out from under them, with Zanessa landing hard with the begin stuck on top of her. She kicked them off of her it jumped at her as she used her sonic screwdriver to hit it in the head leaving it out cold.
“Now what are you?” She whispered kneeling down running her device over it. “...Silurian? I thought they were all gone?” she shook her head. ‘Well, time to explore this hidden place’ she thought, sneaking around to avoid being seen.

As she went into the main hallway, she saw two Silurians carrying a small childlike man. She looked at him. To avoid being seen by them, she hid behind a pillar.

“Hey! Put me down you stupid lizard people” Bolak shouted. He did not appreciate becoming a captive to this weird race of lizard people.

‘Why does he look so familiar?’ she thought. It was like she had seen him before, in the near past. She tried to rack her brain, thinking about where she could have seen him.

She finally remembered him. Her brain replayed scenes of her time on a...spaceship? ‘That can’t be right.’ she thought. However, she now very vividly remembered this man as Bolak, the Barkeep for the Endeavor that she used to be the Astrometrics officer for.

She followed them and Bolak unsure as to what to do. Soon they were lead to a lab she gasped in horror at the sight before her.

Everyone was in test tubes hooked up to machines...even Alistar. She watched and walked for the Silurians to leave before running over checking the monitors. Sighing in relief, “They’ll alive at least.”

She left and began exploring the underage “kingdom”. Dodging out of the way of Silurians to avoid being seen. “There’s one missing! WHERE IS SHE?!” She heard a familiar voice yell as she neared a large room.

The Queen of the Surilians stood in front of her soldiers barking orders she turned and Zanessa gasped memories rushing back… It was the Captain.

Zanessa decided to act quickly running into the room. “Captain Wendi Nablesse!” She yelled startling the other female.

“What are you doing letting these creatures capture us and our crew allowing them to test on our members?!”

Nablesse glared at her. “Wen stole this world from the Silurians forced them to sleep I WOKE THEM after finding them when checking the earthquakes, the human’s oil rigs had hit their home they would’ve died if i hadn’t and now I will return their home to them! As for our crew they won’t be least not yet.”

“The world isn’t in the shape to handle them right now. You can’t do this and you are the captain you can not put your crew in danger!

Zanessa slapped Nablesse hard. “Snap Out Of It!” The Captain stepped back shaken. “I couldn’t stop them if I wanted to they are awake and angry.” She said to Zanessa. “Well we have to put them back to sleep… How did you wake them?”

“There’s a control panel below I used that.” She answered.

“Okay first things first we need to wake up the crew.”

They both ran down to the lab hiding from the Silurians. Nablesse began typing into the machines one by one they released the crew. “Is everyone okay?” Zanessa asked
Alistar hugged her. “Yes we are all okay.”

Aji and the others followed Nablesse to the control room as she began to rewire the commands. “Okay guys, they are about to return to their chambers.” she said.

“That is good, then we can actually get out of here” Alistar said. “That is, if we had a ship or something.” he said. He looked to Zanessa. “Do you have anything that might work for that?” he asked.

Zanessa smiled. “Well, I have a TARDIS that can travel through time.” she suggested, hugging him back kissing his cheek.

Vaneeras nodded. “Anything is better than being down here.” she retorted.

Nablesse took a deep breath about to press the last button when the Silurians began banging against the doors. Avakon and Bolak struggled to keep them closed. “Hurry up!” Avakon yelled. Bolak screamed in anger. “Stay back you lizard bastards!”

Nablesse pressed the button as another quake hit shaking harder than every other time. Everyone had to hold onto something as the ground shook and the Silurians ran back to the chambers.

“Come on guys!” Zanessa said opening the door and running to the direction she had originally entered looking up at the hole she had fell through. “Okay one of you lift another and push them through that hole that person will help pull everyone else up.”

Alistar stood under the hole “Aji, Bolak you two first I’ll lift you.” they nodded as Aji climbed up onto Bolak’s shoulders and Alistar picked him up pushing him through.

As time went by they eventually all made it out of the ground panting out of exhaustion. Not long after Zanessa began to lead them back to her TARIS. Smiling. “Well crew… we have a ship to find everyone get in!” They all smiled and walked in with her following.

Ensign Zanessa Ogden
Astrometrics officer
USS Endeavor, NCC-9819

Commander Avakhon Khinsharri
Chief Of Operations,
USS Endeavor NCC-9819

Captain Wendi Nablesse
Ship's CO USS
Endeavor NCC-9819

Lt. Commander Aji D'moonh
Chief Of Engineering,
USS Endeavor NCC-9819

Counselor Alistar Bolvari
Ship's Counselor
USS Endeavor NCC-9819

Bartender for 10 forward,
USS Endeavor, NCC-9819

CSO Vanaaras
Chief Of Security
USS Endeavor. NCC-9819

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