Darkness in the middle of light. (Part 2)

OFF: (THIS IS MY Challenge post)This story involves Avakhon and the lady Vanaaras and this is the instance of their first meeting. Three years ago, when he was commissioned to find her and tell her news.
This is the meeting of Avakhon with the lady Vanaaras, as it has become his duty to tell her of her husband's passing under rather mysterious circumstances. The opening scene is played out at her mansion.

Coming to this residence, he was hesitant to come to this house. It was spacious and yet austere. Beauty and grace poured forth from the well-manicured lawn and garden area to the ornate gates and fencing that surrounds it. In true Victorian style, it had twin peaks, a ceramic tile roof with gingerbread trim signifying a very wealthy person who resided there.
He was once more to be the bearer of harsh news to its occupant. He must tell them of the death of a loved one. Never a good meeting for him, but one it seems too oft he was given as he seemed at home with deathly things.
As he approaches the door, he sees a huge brass knocker, heavy and ornate, with the crest of a boar on it. He knocks and waits. A lone male comes to the door and speaks, "Sir? What may I help you with?"

"Is the Mistress of the house available? I have news for her," he asks as he sees the butler examining him, mask and all, before she closes the door.
After about 10 minutes he returns and opens the door.
"Milady says you are to enter and wait for her in the parlor. This way please sir," he instructs him to follow him and he enters to the most incredible collection of items he has seen in many a day. Rare and wild animals displayed throughout the foyer, then into the entrance, from there it is silk wallpaper, patterned with floral and ornate prints everywhere. He is almost overtaken by the vibrancy of it all until his eyes adjust to see it is almost golden in its appearance.
Golden silk? He has never seen such decorations on any wall, let alone a personal residence. He now stands in the parlor, an opulent setting with tea places for two. The maid enters with a teapot, two cups full of steaming hot tea are poured into them and she leaves. Tea biscuits are laid out on a saucer, and he looks upon them, wondering if she perceives this a social visit. Moments later a lone female of exquisite beauty and elegance enters the room.

"Milady Vatterott, I presume?" he asks to be sure he has the right person to relay this news too.

"I am she and you would be?" she looks at him oddly, as if she knows who he is, but can't quite
recall it.

"I am known as Avakhon, Avakhon Khinsharri. I was sent to give you the news that may cause you some severe heartache. I would wish the purpose of my visit today one of great elation, but alas it is not. I would that you be seated, as I've no desire to find you amid the flooring when I tell you this news." She sees his concern and takes a seat.

"It is with great sorrow that I bear the news of your husband, Lord Tulde Vatterott, who has died. At this time we are unsure of the cause, only of his passing in December of the year of our Lord, 1885.
In deference to your position now, I took the liberty to keep this matter quiet as to not alarm any potential business venture partners and cause you undue financial embarrassment. I trust you will
be well kept with what he has left you to remain on?"

"Avakhon is it? Please, sit with me for just a moment, as I take this news in and try to compose the words I must speak now. My. . . . ummm husband as it were, was a cuckold of a man. I was his trophy wife, to display in public for his business partners to envy him with. To be blunt, and I hope you don't mind my saying it, or think me too forward, but he was a rotund, porcine of a man who valued his possessions more than any affections. While I will take the needed time to mourn him I won't regret his passing. I hope you understand what it is I am trying to say."

"Milady, say no more, I know that grief has a way of making one shut themselves up and deny they had any emotions for the passed loved one, and I wouldn't speak ill of the dead, in your presence or not.
Once the proper amount of time has passed, I would like to see you once more to find how you have survived the loss and what things you find to endeavor in from there."

"In all honesty, I believe I will fulfill my husband's term of office from here. I know there is a survivor's clause in the Parliament that allows another to fill the seat if one dies in their position. I have kept informed of his doings and know most of his ties and connections, some better than he did, but that is another matter entirely. Avakhon, I must ask this of you. HOW can you be sure it is him? What manner of evidence have you of this?" she asks hoping that perhaps it isn't her husband, but desperately wishing it is so she is free of his mindless games and chastisement of her for her beauty.
This is the moment he has dreaded, the proof he has is obscenely vulgar and horribly wrong to pursue, but she has asked it of him, so he must provide it to her.

" Milady, I received this box via a messenger three days ago and I was hesitant to bring it to you. It has YOUR name on it and the contents are sealed, as I was instructed to deliver them to you personally. I fear the contents are dreadful as the smell alone has caused quite a stir in the delivery of it. Would you like to be left alone to open it?" he asks her.

"No, you've carried it this far, open it and I will know the truth," she says, standing up to see what the box holds. He gently opens the box to reveal three items. Two delicately carved items, as they appear to be curved and of some size. the third is an elongated item that has been stretched over a rod.

"ARE those what I think they are Avakhon?" she asks. he looks closer into the box to see.

"IF you believe they are a pair of ears and a male member, then yes milady they are what you believe them to be. WHO would send such an item to the widow?"
She is rep[ulsed until seh realizes they were her husband's ears and his member presented to her as a gift as it were. Obscene gesture to insure she understood what had occurred.
" I have no idea Avakhon, but I am thankful that YOU were the one to bring this to me. I am doubtful another would have been so brave as to ensure my feelings as you have, for that I am eternally grateful."
Seeing her in distress touched him in ways he had not believed possible before this. While it was warmth, it was foreign to him. WHAT was this burning in his mind for her?
OFF: This concludes the flashback meeting between the lady Vanaaras and Avakhon. It is at this moment that they discover one another and begin the tryst that will propel them forward.

Avakhon Khinsharri. Private Detective

lady Vanaaras. Lady of the Manor

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