Touch of Evil


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Dr. Alistar Bolvari was operating on a patient in a surgical theater. ‘I have to keep this patient alive’ he thinks. Alistar examines the patient and starts to cut him open when he hears a knock on the door. He looks to his assistant, Ms. Wendi Nablesse. “Excuse me, my dear, but may you get that please. I am afraid I am too busy at the moment” he said.

Wendi walked over to the door and opened it. A messenger was standing there. “How may I help you today, sir?" she asked politely. She was confused, they barely ever got visitors of any kind.

“I have come from Scotland Yard, ma’am. I have a letter from Her Majesty requesting that Dr. Alistar Bolvari see her at once,” he said. He handed her the letter, then bowed. He made his exit, turning to walk back to his bicycle. He got onto it and began the long bike ride back to Scotland Yard.

“Milord, you have a letter from her Majesty requesting your presence immediately. Shall I open it for you and read it to you while you operate?” she asks.

“Yes, Wendi, before I lose this patient and my patience with Her Majesty for interrupting me in the middle of a very delicate surgery,”

She opens the letter to find it reads as follows,

“ Lord Bolvari, I hope this letter finds you in good mood and better health. I will be succinct.

There is a very nasty event that seems to be on the verge of exploding and my reign is threatened if I am not on top of it all. It has come to our attention that there is some madman who is carving up young women in the wharf districts.

This matter is totally unacceptable to us and we are requesting YOUR knowledge and skills to assist Scotland yard in this matter, as an advisor to them about medical matters I assure you.

“I trust in your judgement and will ask that you keep this matter of the utmost in secrecy as I have asked of Scotland Yard’s Chief of Detectives as well.

Yours in congeniality,


“It would appear that her majesty wants you to perform some kind of service to her, but she did not detail what in her letter Milord.”

“I see, it is of the utmost urgency I investigate this matter then. Finish the suturing of this patient while I go and see what this is all about. And don’t forget the ether as I don’t need a half awake patient to ruin my handiwork, agreed Wendi?”

“Yes milord” she said. She watched as Alistar grabbed his coat and hat. Then she went to the operating table and began to work on the paperwork that was needed before Dr. Bolvari got back.

“Zannesa Odgen, age 22. She was shot in the chest. The bullet is still inside. Diagnosis: Open up the area where the bullet currently resides, extract it, and close up the wound.” Wendi finished the writing then put the chart down. She then made sure to ether the patient.

Alistar made his way over to Her Majesty’s castle. He made his way through the palace outer courts, where he was stopped by the palace guards. “Excuse me, milord. You must have a valid reason to be entering the palace unannounced like this.” one of the guards said.

Alistar sighed. “I can assure you fine gentlemen that I do have a valid reason, and that it is of utmost importance that I see Her Majesty right away,” he said. He showed the guards the letter, which had the queen’s seal.

“Well then sir” the second guard said. “I believe that everything seems to be in order. I will inform Her Majesty of your arrival posthaste so that you can speak with her.” he said. He then went to inform the queen of Dr. Bolvari’s arrival.

Detective Avakhon was speaking with the queen about what he had discovered. “Your Majesty, I have already told you what I have found. I had discovered the victim’s body right by the abandoned ship.”

The queen was about to respond when the door opened. “Sorry for disturbing your important conversation, your Majesty. Dr. Alistar Bolvari has arrived. As I understand it, you had something urgent you wished to discuss with him?” he questioned.

The queen looked at him. “Yes, I had a very important matter to discuss with both Detective Avakhon and my trusted doctor. If you would be so kind as to let him in and tell him to meet me and the detective in the audience chamber” she told him.

The guard bowed and went outside to tell Alistar. “Her Majesty is waiting for you in her audience chambers. I suggest you get there quickly. She is very impatient when it comes to urgent matters.” He then returned to his post at the gate, continuing to stand guard.

Alistar nodded slightly. “Well, I suppose it is time to see why Her Majesty requested my presence” he said to himself. He quickly made his way to the audience chamber, where the queen and Detective Avakhon were waiting for him.

"Ah, Doctor Bolvari. How nice of you to be quick in making your way here. We really appreciate your promptness." Avakhon said. "Now as to the matter of why we have asked you here." He paused to take a breath. "You see, I have encountered something strange when walking along the harbor. There was a woman lying there dead. We would like you to perform a thorough examination on her body to determine what had happened."

Alistar nodded. "I can assure you that I will do my best" he said. He was aware of the other deaths happening around the city. 'Perhaps this will be like the others' he thought.

"Good, glad to have your cooperation, Doctor. Now, you must go to Scotland Yard to pick up the body from the Morgue." Avakhon said.

Alistar nodded, and bowed to both of them. "You can count on me, Your Majesty. I will do my best to figure this out" he said. He then exited the audience chamber, leaving them wondering whether to trust him.

"Are you sure that Dr. Alistar is the correct person for this endeavor, your Majesty?" Avakhon asked. He had his doubts as to whether the doctor could actually help them, rather than hinder them.

The queen laughed. "Of course I am sure, Detective. Doctor Alistar is my most trusted surgeon. I am confident that he can figure out the cause of death in the woman that you had found by the harbor" she said.

Alistar exited the Morgue. He said his goodbyes to the good folk at Scotland Yard. Then he went back in the direction of his office. He opened the door and walked in. "Wendi, we have another urgent matter on our schedule, we can finish up with Ms. Zanessa later" he said, putting the body down on the operating table. "For now, we must determine what truly happened to this poor soul" he said.

"Yes, milord. Does this have anything to do with Her Majesty and why she sent for you?" she asked. She wanted to know what was going on, specifically on why her boss had just arrived carrying a dead body.

"Indeed, Ms. Nablesse. It does." He said, beginning to examine the body. He noted where each cut was expertly placed, as if by a doctor. He smiled a bit, thinking that whoever did this was truly masterful.

Wendi noticed this, and called him out for it. "Are you smiling because this is a challenge, or because you are admiring your own work?" she asked, suspicious of Alistar's weird behavior lately. 'Maybe I should report it, but I need more evidence, he has done nothing but smile at the dead, nothing weird, right?' she was lost in her current thoughts.

Alistar looked at her. "Madam, I am appalled that you think that I would murder anyone. I am just noting how expertly done the cuts along her body are, a Surgeon's work indeed."

Wendi took a deep breath, relieved that her boss had seemed to regain his senses. "Well, that is a relief, for a minute there I thought you killed her" she said. She went back to work, not seeing the moment when Alistar smiled manically.

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