One foot out the Door

This is my challenge post.
[Counselor's Office - USS Endeavor]

Alistar was sitting in his office chair. He was listening to one of the newest recruits about an issue they had about if they could be a better member of the team.

"So, I don't know how to be useful to the crew." the new recruit finished. Alistar sighed, he had heard this many different times from most of the new recruits. They always seemed to doubt their worth.

It was his job to reassure them and make sure that they could throw that worry away. "Well, I am sure that you would do fine. You just have to do your best, loyalty is key. If you can be loyal and try your best, then nothing else really matters. I am sure your supervisor will understand." he said kindly. "And don't be scared if you make a mistake, everyone makes them."

"Thanks sir" the recruit said, feeling a lot better. He walked to the door. Alistar followed him opening the door for him. "Don't mention it, as far as I see, it is my job to help each and every one of the crew if they have issues. Now, I will see you next week to check on how you are doing okay?"

"Yes sir, see you next week." The recruit, with a happy smile began walking to the tech room. Alistar stood in the doorway and smiled, always happy to help someone who was troubled. He stepped back inside and shut the door...on his foot. He yelled in pain. "What happened Counselor, are you alright?" the recruit asked, worried. Alistar, over the initial pain, just grinned at him. "Yeah. I am fine, don't worry." Then he began laughing. "This is one of those mistakes that I make, almost every day" "Oh, well...I am glad you are okay Counselor" the recruit said.

"Thank you, Now I hope I was of assistance to you today, and hopefully I remember to schedule you in for the same time next week. I can be somewhat...forgetful." he gave the young recruit a smile. "Now, I have to be in the mess hall by 3:00, but I plan to be early. You know that Miss Zanessa can get...out of sorts, when people are not punctual." he said. “Yes, of
course sir, tell her I said hello"
Alistar Bolvari
Ship's Counselor - USS Endeavor
Played By Sparky

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