The dust shows whats missing...

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Wendi Nablesse sighed. It was the early hours of the morning and the hospital was fairly quiet. She wasn't sure how they were going to solve the murder case, and she was only a low paid nurse. She sat behind the wooden desk shifting through some of the papers which were due to be sent to the coroner tomorrow. One of them included the death certificate of the man now in the hospitals morgue.

The room was silent, as she read through some of them. However she started to see a pattern. There was a man dead in the morgue, slits across his body, but they weren't too deep or life threatening. However it was concluded that this was the cause of the death. She began to ponder, how could some superfiscial cuts kill someone?

Shrugging, she put the papers aside. No doubt that they would want to be examined by the detective and Scotland Yard tomorrow as well. One of her duties tonight as the nurse on duty was to ensure that all medicines and potions were at adequate stock.

She made her way into the medicine room. The circular room was lined with shelves like bookcases, some with glass doors on the front of them. Almost all of them had small glass bottles on them, each sealed or some resealed with cork. The medicine room was where the hospital kept the majority of its drugs and tonics, including some other nasty stuff as well. All for use in the medical field.

"Right then..." Wendi said as she picked up the that hung on a nail by the door. "Bets go over the log.... thats strange..." she said. It seems as if the log hadn't been updated in the last three days, so the stock hadn't been checked. She sighed, no doubt that one of the junior nurses had fallen asleep again or forgotton to do this part of their job.

She went around the room, logging down the contents of each bottle and making sure that every bottle had the correct amount in. Then she stopped. She had reached a section of the room which had the contents stored behind glass doors, usually locked. However the doors were slightly ajar.

She ran a hand over the glass, and gently pulled it open. A thin layer of duty on the shelf revealed to her that a bottle was missing. However there was no signs that the lock had been tampered with. "Thats strange..." she said. She checked the cabinet, there was only one bottle missing. Strychnine, almost a full bottle wasn't accounted for. It wasn't used often in the hospital as it was high risk poision. It was mainly used to keep pests such as mice and insects out of the hospital, and was used when cleaning, and most recently used in extreme small doses to boost a patients immune system, although this was a rare occassion on todays medicine.

"Where... has that gone?" she asked herself outloud. The log clearly indicated that the bottle was full only three days ago, and such a dangerous poison going missing was cause for concern. She shut the cabinet slowly, looked around. Luckily she was the only person in there, no one had noticed that she had noticed that the poision was gone. She began to wonder, if the knife or whatever had made those cuts in the victim was laced in Strychnine, that could be an easy and quick way of killing someone. Also, it would be more or less untraceable.

Shaking it off, she returned back to the ward. Everyone was still asleep, and the rooms silence was only broken by the occassional snore. Wendi began to feel feareful and frightened. She may have found a vital clue about the murder, but she couldn't abandon her post right now. She had to find a way to tell the authorities without raising suspision and without the culprit finding out.

But now she must wait until morning... Which might be a long way off...


Wendi Nablesse
Nurse - Local Hospital

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