Three Ladies and a Stone (Part 3)

OFF: This is not a part of any challenge, but a continuation of the story to allow for cohesiveness in the storyline. It involves the direction of Avakhon being summoned to the Queen for consultation with Alistar Bolvari t follow.

His client satisfied, her path clear now, she departs his office with a spry spring in her step and a smile she cannot hide from her face. Something he supposes she seldom does.
"I suppose it takes very little to please some people. A letter and some money and she is off to seek her fortune. Ahhh well, I wish her all the best, as she's going to need it to bring a child up without a proper name behind it in this world. God speed Zazi. . . " and with this, he looks over the pile that remains on his desk. He can't help but recall the name that was associated with that letter. Vanaaras, was once more showing her generosity to the poor and indigent in society.
"THAT woman will be the death of me yet. IF I could ever figure out how I am to find her husband's killer, then mayhaps I would be able to find peace within her arms and my soul. HER offers of love are so foreign as to be oblique to me, HOW can a monster ever know such passions? Am I to be tortured by having her just outside of my reach forever?
HOW long must I endure being away from what I know will be my destiny with her? Her mind, her body, her spirit, all entice me to be more than I am now, yet I am uncertain of the times that lay ahead and if I dare to try to attain happiness with her for whatever life we would have together. Money is fine, but I am not one of the mere material things.
HOW can I convince her that comfort is only a small portion of what I desire to from her. To KNOW her, in ways no mere mortal of this day can. To discover the passions that drive her very soul. THIS is what I desire, yet I fear will never know as long as that ghost of her dead husband remains between us. DAMN YOU TULDE VATTEROTT!"
Precisely at this time, he hears a knock on his door. A shadow stands there awaiting his reply. It appears rather small and indistinguishable from this angle/
"ENTER. . . " he says and watches as a lone figure slowly opens the door and comes forward. A short in stature man walks forward and hands him an envelope and then departs. It is addressed to him and carries the Royal Seal, from Her Majesties hand no doubt.
"IF this keeps up, I fear I shall have to open a branch of her majesties postal services
for myself." and he opens the letter and reads the following,
"Good day, Sir Khinsharri,
I am writing to you on a matter of some urgency, as I am sure you will attest. I will be brief with you. We have need of your services for a matter of grave importance to the Crown. No doubt you have already heard of the disappearances of several prominent businessmen and the brutal slayings of several of our female citizenry. These atrocities are unacceptable and I beg your indulgence in these matters. I employ the finest of detectives in Scotland Yard, yet they are all stumped as to the whereabouts or in finding these dastardly villains who prey upon our people. I have researched your kind and knowledgeable of the services you have rendered the Crown in the past to aide in our Empire remaining the finest in the world. A man
of your skills is needed once more to do what others seemingly cannot. I would ask you to come to my audience chambers this day promptly at three o'clock and tell no one of your goings-on.
ALL will be explained upon your arrival therein, you have my personal assurances on that
Cordially Yours,
"It would seem I am to be of service to the Crown once more, bloody HELLUVA time to drag me back into the Corps, just as I dreamed of getting a life of my own to spend as I saw fit. Ahh Vanaaras, I hope you can forgive me, but my duty and my country calls." with that he looks at his desk once more, realizing this may be the last time he ever sets foot into his own office again, he sends word to the landlady to feed his cat for as long as he's away, and to tidy the place up once a week. He leaves the 10-pound note he just got from Zazi with it to cover the costs of his being away, for now anyway.
Making his way towards the castle, and her majesty, he decides to take a cab and allow his presence to be seen as one of leisurely strolling and a spur of the moment stop by the Royal residences hoping for a glimpse of the royal family, (a common tradition in those visiting the square) so as to not seem to be headed there directly. First Trafalgar Square, then the Tower of London, a couple of times around the park and then by the Royal Castle.
He tells the cabbie to stop and steps out of the cab to stroll the sidewalks around the castle. Another typical thing that commoners do as they visit the castle. Walking around hoping to see them outside. Seeing the hour approaches three, he walks to the nearest guard, removing his hat and scarf, revealing his mask and the rank of the man behind it.
The Guard looks him over and shouts,
"BLIMEY YOUR one of THEM aincha? I heard stories from India of you lot, what were you called? A Khinsey? Kansa?"
"Khinsharri. And I have a business to conduct with her majesty promptly. I trust you need no more credentials for me to enter." and he stands to his full height to tower over the man.
"RIGHT you are sir!" and he starts marching towards the gates, Avakhon in tow.

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