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Best Laid Plans

The Ladys Grace, Two Years Ago

Lord Tulde Vatterott sat slouched over the bar nursing the dregs of his single malt. Bolak watched as the fat politician began to nod over his drink, his eyes slowly closing. He was about to reach for the glass when the man released a loud snort and woke himself up.

“What.. what?” the fat man babbled and then his piggy eyes fell on Bolak and his lip curled as he pointed to his glass, “Top her up barkeep.” he ordered and Bolak reached for the bottle to serve the man.

Vatterott had tottered in from the adjoining card room around half an hour before having lost his purse to a high stake game and was now drinking himself into oblivion on credit. Bolak poured a healthy glug into the mans glass,

“Don't be tight with it little man,” grumbled the Lord as he reached over and snatched the bottle from Bolaks hand, “Here now this is more like it.” and with that he upended the bottle over his glass spilling much of it on the bar and causing several other customers to shift away from the mess.

“I think perhaps that should be your last sir.” Bolak suggested with a tight smile.

“My last? You stunted imp! The presumption of it. Ha! My last indeed.” he lifted his glass pouring more whiskey over his pudgy hand while pointing his finger at Bolak with his other hand.

“Let me tell you barkeep, I could buy this entire esta.. establu..this entire building should I choose.” He took a gulp of his whiskey and fixed his gaze on Bolak once more. “You should have some respect for you betters… listen. Listen!”

Tulde turned in his seat then to address the room. Several of the customers looked over in morbid curiosity but for the most part they turned away in embarrassed silence. “Listen!” he called out again.

“No respect, that’s the trouble. A man such as me who can reach out and pluck the finest of jewels.” he made a motion of plucking something from the air and holding it to his chest, “Such a pretty thing my Nebula, a jewel fit for a queen.”

Bolaks ears pricked up at the word Nebula. The man was drunk and raving but could he really mean what he was saying. Had he managed to find and procure that most precious of stones? Time and time again his research, his enquiries pointed towards this jewel as a key to the secrets he sought. An item of great financial worth for sure, but to Bolak the mythical nebula represented answers. He could not let this moment pass.

Quickly while the man was still raving he slipped away to the kitchens where he found one of the serving boys elbow deep in the dishes. Scribbling a brief missive on a nearby grocery sheet he gave the lad swift orders and a silver coin to deliver word to a friend with abilities more suited to the task in hand.


Bolak pulled the hood from the Lord's head. Tulde blinked stupidly as his eyes adjusted to the light in the barbers shop. Taking in the sight of Bolak standing nearby he snarled in recognition. Another figure stood close. Aji, her hood drawn up about her face, black eyes glistening in the lamplight.

“You… let me out this instant.” he snarled at Bolak.

Lord Tulde was naked, the heavy folds of his flesh strapped tightly to the barber's chair in which he sat. Such was his girth that his belly fell down to shroud his somewhat underwhelming manhood from view. Struggling in vain he soon came to a full realisation of his situation and his snarled threats were reduced to pitiful blubbering.

“Just let me go please.” he begged, “I can pay, I have money, influence, just name your price.”

“Let us talk about the Nebula.” Bolak replied quietly with a glance into the shadows behind the Lord.

The man's eyes widened at the mention of the Nebula and his face began to lose its colour. He shook his head violently from side to side causing his undulating chins to wobble above his sagging chest. “No..” He managed at last. “No no no no no.”

“Oh yes.” replied Aji as she too stepped into the light removing her hood.

“What form of demon are you?” the Lord half screamed as he saw D’moonh clearly now.

“He thinks me a Demon Mr Bolak.” she crooned as she too glanced to the shadows at the rear of the room, “I am afraid my Lord that you have not yet met the Demon.”

The creek of a floor board and the snick of a blade and Mok stepped forward to stand directly behind Lord Tulde. He reached round to lift the mans chin with his forefinger while in the other hand the flickering reflections of the lamp light played upon the length of his razor.

"Be very very still." whispered Mr Mok, "and tell my friend here everything they want to know."

Mok leaned forward until his lips were brushing the Lords ear, "If you are very very good we might reward you with a nice... hot... pork pie."


The Ladys Grace - Today

"More Tranya!" Mr Mok called out as Bolak waddled back towards the bar to replenish the drinks for his guests. He came back laden with a fresh tray and a worried frown.

"So you say the Khinsharri has been called to the palace?" he asked.

"It would not be logical for the cab driver to lie." replied a heavy set gentleman dressed head to toe in black. His ears were oddly shaped, pointed at the tips. A feature he usually covered with a hat."

"He is of no concern." Mok waved the matter away as he sipped on his Tranya.

"Do not be a fool." growled Bolak,"You are too careless! The man is more dangerous than any of you know. He would have the world see him as an innocent lamb while in reality he is the most cunning of serpents. Do not discount him and do not trust him!"

The outer door burst open and a well dressed man walked into the room drenched from head to foot and face red with the exertion of a run. Bolak stood his eyes wide,

"Lord Williams!" he exclaimed as the man collapsed in a nearby seat waving towards the Tranya for a glass. Offered one by Mok he drank it greedily.

"Came... as fast as.. could." he panted, "Bloody rain."

"What troubles you Reuben?" asked the black clad gentleman.

"She has the ship." he panted, "Had to hand it over to the conniving wench. Made it seem like no big deal though. She did not suspect."

"You did what?" raged Bolak, "Who has it? Who is this She?"

"Vanaaras." Reuben spat as he took another drink, "She knew about Rose and..."

"You stupid son of a... gahhhh!" Bolak threw his glass into the fireplace where it shattered. His eyes blazing he looked to Mok.

"What news of my brother?" he demanded.

Mok looked between the abashed lord and the barkeep and took a sip of his drink before answering,

"He is in the city. He has already been to the palace and now resides in a large stretch of the land north of the river. A building site of sorts. The Fessarius has off loaded much of its wares and..."

"Details for later." Bolak growled waving his blue skinned companion to silence, "Go now and send word to him. Tell him of this change of circumstance and tell him to execute Picard Omega Seven. He will know what that means."

"What is a Picard?" Reuben enquired as Mok rushed from the room.

"I believe it is a kind of fish." commented the black clad man as he sipped on his Tranya.

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