Whoooo Are You, Who Who, Who? WHO?!

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[Primary Sickbay-USS Endeavor]

Three weeks in space. Three weeks of cramping fingers and dodging Ensigns and crew members who either refused a check up with a laugh or came eagerly to...say weird things like 'how was she doing' and 'are you doing anything tonight', like she wasn't busy.

Zazi was so very confused. In the dim light of the spotlight, her antenna twitched. The shape of the wind around her changed, someone had came in through the door.

"What," she said. She was already busy, an Engineering Ensign laid out on the biobed, a spotlight tilted to shine light over his bloodied hand. He wouldn't say how it happened, but she had a sneaking suspicion it had to do with the shiner that counselor's assistant was sporting with a giant grin. Well, she knew the Captain would have words with them, later.

"Doctor, your next appointment is here," came the breathy reply of one of her nurses. Jenny, her name was, and she looked 'like a ghost'. In Zazi's opinion, she appeared much like an Aenar, just without the antennae. She felt close to Jenny, everyone seemed a bit...shy around her. Truly unfitting of Starfleet officers, but Zazi would let their superiors take care of them.

"Thank you, Jenny," she mumbled back, running the dermal regenerator over the torn flesh. "I would hope that you have learned a lesson from this, Ensign."

Her stern gaze and sharp frown poured into the man's face, as he looked away, scratching at a ghost of a beard with his other hand. "Yes ma'am. I'm sorry, ma'am."

"No apologies. It seems you have lost whatever it was you were doing, anyway." She put away the dermal, handing it off to Jenny before taking the PADD. "I'll make the appropriate notation, and your department head will be in touch about this...lapse in judgement."

The Ensign sighed, nodding, disappointment evident in the way he held himself. He swung his legs over the edge, rumbling up, and she turned away, grabbing another PADD as Jenny's whispered voice gave him a 'Goodbye, Edwin,' to which he mumbled a goodbye in return.

Zazi's antennae twitched as she flicked through the new appointment's file. She felt protective over Jenny, who was only a year younger, but she was....something. Something. So Edwin's mumbled goodbye sat like a rock in her gut, making her tap at the PADD fiercely with her fingers before she let out a sigh, letting the anger go. She was better than letting someone wind her up, she was.

She headed to the next fielded biobed. They were all 'security' fielded, in that the patient and doctor had privacy, and in emergency it would alert the security personnel.

A woman sat on it, twiddling with a ring on her finger, wearing the red of command. Zazi let the field close behind her, her neutral face in place. "Lieutenant Sharon Kavosky."

The woman jerked, her head popping up as she stared wide-eyed at Zazi, an audible gulp being heard. "Th-That's me."

"You are here for a normal check up, as has the crew been going through the past three weeks." Zazi tapped away on her PADD, so used to it now she could look at Sharon while also typing.

The woman nodded again, fiddling harder with the ring on her left hand. "Y-Yes."

"You are nervous."

"...I am."

Zazi let out a slow breath, her eyes shutting for a moment before opening and giving a soft smile to the woman. Her light blonde hair made her think of Jenny. "It's fairly simple. A quick scan, some mental exercises, a trip to the Counselor and then you do not have to worry about it for a month."

Sharon's mouth opened, then closed, then opened. "...I...thank you," she mumbled, her eyes dropping to Zazi's PADD, then back down to the ring.

Zazi nodded. "Stay still." She slipped the PADD onto a small tray, grabbing a tricorder as she slowly ran it down from Sharon's head to her toes. Sharon seemed to want to speak. They all did, spilling things to her as if she were the Counselor. They all were nervous the first time around.

"What if..." Sharon paused, her fidgeting having stilled while the tricorder did its scanning. "What would happen..."

"Please speak your mind, it does not to dwell on things."

Sharon bit her lip, hard enough that Zazi worried she'd split it, before she started to speak. "What would happen if someone isn't who they say they are?"

Zazi's eyebrows furrowed, her antennae slowly standing up on edge. "What do you mean, Lieutenant?"

"What if..." Sharon took a deep breath, looking down at her ring, then back up at Zazi with steely eyes. "What if you thought you knew who you were, but then you...you weren't sure? And you were so unsure, that it almost seemed like the universe made a carbon copy of you, a twin, and it was taunting you?"

Sharon seemed to run out of breath, her body slumping on the biobed for a moment as Zazi blinked. Was the Lieutenant truly having a moment of psychosis...? Zazi blinked again, taking a small breath. "I am always assured of who I am, as you should be, Lie-Sharon." She hesitated-Jenny always said to work on her bedside manner-and she reached out to place a slightly cold hand to Sharon's shoulder. "Something is bothering you, isn't it? Something more than this...twin?"

Sharon sniffed, loud and obnoxious, and she swiped her hand over her eyes with a choked sob. "What if I'm not the real Sharon?! What if Sharon died o-or what if, what if I'm just a dream?!"

Zazi sighed. She gently leaned Sharon close to her, letting the lieutenant grab her in a harsh hug and squeeze and cry. She rubbed her back slowly. This was serious. She'd have to remove Sharon from duty, put her on bedrest, get mandatory counselling sessions...


Zazi looked over, it was Jenny, and she opened her mouth to speak when she noticed who was beside her.


No, it couldn't be.

Her hand tightened on Sharon's shoulder, the woman heaving sobs as if she could push whatever it was right out of her body.

The person next to Jenny was a mirror image of Sharon, who was looking confused at Zazi and the now unknown person on the biobed.

Zazi slowly looked over at the tricorder that dinged a happy little jingle now that it was done.

'Lieutenant Sharon Kavosky' in bright yellow letters against a black background...and then it glitched, showing '??????' in red letters, then 'Lw323ten323 Shaaaaa' in white...before finally spitting out a banner that read 'Ensign Nami Lee'.

Zazi slowly backed off from the sobbing woman, who's cries had slowed and she had started to wipe her face off on her sleeve. "...what is your name?"

The woman sniffed, as if confused at the tears and emotions, blinking up at Zazi. "N-Nami Lee, Lee," she hiccuped out. "Ensign. Sorry for that, ma'am, I don't know what came over me."

Zazi looked from her, to Sharon who appeared highly confused and worried, then back again. They looked remarkably similar, to the point of the small black dimple being in the same place on their cheeks. "...and not Sharon Kavosky."

Nami scrunched up her face. "Who?"

Zazi let out a very slow breath, taking up her PADD. "Jenny, would you please tend to Lieutenant Sharon? Nami, please...stay here, please. I have to get a message to the Captain."

Nami nodded, although she certainly seemed confused, and Zazi stepped away from the biobed, feeling like a large shard of ice had appeared out of the sky and thunked her in the head.

The Captain had to know what just happened. Maybe she had merely mistaken Nami for Sharon and her mind had made up some wonderfully fantastic story to entertain her...or maybe they were in danger.

She shook her head as she headed to her office quickly. Calmer minds were needed to decide this.

Lieutenant Commander Zazi Sh'viakrik
Chief Medical Officer
USS Endeavor NCC-9819

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