Queen's Knight to Bishop-Checkmate (Series finale)

OFF: THIS IS MY CHALLENGE POST. This details the actions aboard the Fessarious as it tries to flee the harbor after setting the HMS Endeavour ablaze and most of the rest of the docks as well.

Seeing that the dwarf has not only numbers on his side but apparently an ace up his sleeve, Avakhon speaks.
"You think your game well played BISHOP? You also thought that I was a fool as well.
I knew that you hated me, but I never thought that you'd go to THIS length to try and destroy me. An entire city burns now because of your hatred. Does it know no end?" and he slips closer to the dwarf. Hoping to come close enough to touch him.
" THAT'S quite close enough monster. I am not so foolish as to not know of the powers of the Khinsharri. You'll NOTICE I have three myself, and BY the way, they are loyal to the CHURCH and NOT the crown, so you have no way to influence them or take any actions to have them betray ME. I sacrificed a dozen cardinals to find 5 that would survive this process and I don't intend on losing them now. I find them quite useful indeed. Pity they are already dead, as the loss of that last one was truly a shame. HE was a good man in life. Willingly gave of himself for the Pope and the Cross, God rest his soul.
NOW I can have them destroy you, but that would defeat MY desires to sell you to the freak show that's coming soon, and the loss of that profitable market is not what I will endure for much longer. BESIDES that I have something that I believe will make you change your mind."
He motions to one of the three, and they bring forth the limp body of Vanaaras. NOT lifeless, but yet not awake to see this happen either.
"I trust you recognize this person Avakhon?" and he has her held up in front of him to show him that he has indeed captured her, but not without a fight.
" YOU call ME a monster, and yet you treat an innocent like this? No wonder the Church is becoming a place of demons and devils. YOU sacrificing your own people to become like me. Savage is what I call it. I didn't choose this existence and I haven't chosen the last realities I have found myself in. BUT if this is the game you wish to play, I SHALL."
The Dwarf points to Avakhon and the three start towards him encircling him. Eyes glowing and their minds set to kill him. he sees they are beginning to build their power to overtake him.
Avakhon takes a small amulet from his pocket, holds it aloft and says the following"
" I AM KHINSHARRI. FIRST AND LAST. I am summoned by light and shun the darkness of transgressors against that which is right and holy. As they did in the ancients of days, I AM unwaveringly commanded to defy death and remove that which defies the light. YOU who stands before me now. I AM KHINSHARRI! What are you?"
They all 3 answer in unison," WE serve the Holy Roman Pope and the Church. YOU are an abomination and will be destroyed."
"Sorry gents, wrong answer. Nuq Doq Yuch Dapol Terrag'non." with this the three suddenly fall into a heap before him. Within minutes their bodies are dissolving before his eyes. He turns to the Bishop and says,
" You REALLY should have chosen better men. They were loyal to no one but their own minds. I could see it in them. NOW that your dogs have been dealt with, what do YOU think I should do next? Take that cigar and shove it down your throat until it chokes you and then throw you to the sea as a snack? I'm feeling magnanimous Bishop Balok. Ohh and by the by, I presumed that your little hand was involved in my meeting with her majesty. why else would she summon one such as I for a meeting?
We've never met in any social situation nor have I any chance to even see her in life. I smelled a rat when it was offered, but I went along with it to see the puppet master behind it all. I suspected you were playing her as a pawn, and that is a shame to have taken her majesty as such. She deserves far better than the likes of you in her court.
So now, what to do with a dirty Bishop? Proper cleaning is in order I would presume." and with this he sees a crate lying nearby with liquids and noises coming from it. Smelling it he notices it smells like ions and saltwater. EELS! He decides this is how they kept HIS men alive or at least partially. Smashing the crate open he grabs two of them, they release their charges into him and he stands there. Absorbing the shock and glowing all the more. More are reeling all over the deck, as the ship begins to sway past the others stuck in the harbor.
Seeing this, the small man begins to tremble. He looks around and sees the still limp form of Vanaaras. He quickly grabs hold of her, pulling a small dagger from his robe. Holding her up as she begins to come to, he sees that he can't hold her long and says,
"Struggle and I will cut your throat NOW, resist me and I will hand you to your lover in pieces! DON'T MOVE!" and Vana is still groggy from the fight earlier," AVAKHON! Its' YOUR choice now. KILL me and kill HER as well? Allow me to go free and I release her to you safe and unharmed. What will you say now?" and he tightens his grip around her throat with the blade making the slightest cut and a drop of blood dripping to the ground for emphasis.
" YOU know I won't make that choice Bishop. Release her and I won't KILL you here and now, but I make no promise of a future situation." with this bolts of electricity begin to flow from his hands. The Bishop is stunned, as his own men had never done such and he was unaware that they could control this power.
" I . . . . . . AM . . . . . K H I N S H A R R I!" and the heavens light with the lightening that pours forth from his body, electrifying the entire deck. The eels are flopping around helpless to resist it. They slide towards the Bishop and one makes contact with him, shocking him into unconsciousness. Vana is now also lying there shocked and unconscious.
" Forgive me beloved, I did what I must to save you." he takes her into his arms, then sees that the ship is almost clear of the harbor, which is still engulfed in fires. he places her into a lifeboat, gently. Sets it down into the water then returns to the deck where the Bishop is now suddenly missing. Deciding to honor his word, he doesn't search for the Bishop but decides that it will be a LONG time before he finds his way back here. He takes one of the canons, aims it towards the deck and lights the fuse. It fires and blows a huge hole in the deck towards the keel, causing it to rupture and begins leaking.
He jumps into the liferaft with her and begins to row towards the docks hoping that they will have some way to forget this night.

OFF: This ends the 3 Ladies and a stone series.
Detective Avakhon Khinsharri

Balok- Bishop of Rome ambassador

Vanaaras- Countess of Vatterott

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