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The Observation Deck

Bolak scrambled out onto the balcony of the Grace, bottle in one hand and spy glass in the other. Mok stepped out after him with the glasses and heavy box tucked beneath his arm. The cry of fire had sounded and it was time to make use of this fine vantage point to watch the show.

"What's that?" Mok asked as he watched Bolak extend the spy glass.

"A gift from our scientist friend." the dwarf explained it will let us see in more detail from a distance.

"Magic?" gasped Mok.

"Science." Bolak grinned as he raised his glass to toast.

"To science." Mok grinned as he clinking his glass. Below they could see the Endeavor sat in darkness and a horse drawn carriage waiting upon the docks. Fire was flickering from the ships innards and men were gathered upon the deck. Bolak took a look through the glass and handed it to Mok.

"There stands my dear brother." he sighed.

Mok looked on as the figures left the ship. He gasped as the hull of the vessel was burst asunder and men jumped from the flaming portal. Soon they were aboard the carriage and racing into the City at break neck speed.

"Ah there he is as expected." Bolak laughed as he pointed down to the street below.

Avakhon Khinsharri was standing tall and proud surveying the mayhem below as the people of London poured fourth the stop the flames. He clutched something out of the air and glowered at it for a moment before removing his coat and stopping in sudden surprise. He grabbed another item from his pocket. A letter i seemed as he unfolded it and began to read.

"What on earth is he doing?" Mok asked, "The ship is aflame and his lover is aboard a carriage being transported into the city and he stands there and..."

"No no watch." Balok sipped his Tranya and pointed down, "This is the great detective at work. He simply plucks the clues from the air about him and then surges into action. They just come to him like..."

"Like magic." whispered Mok in amazement.

"Like he's read the script." Bolak corrected with a frown.

"There's a script?" Mok asked

"Oh you know what I mean, he reads the winds of fate or some such nonsense."

"Spooky." Mok commented.

"Bloody annoying." Bolak spat. "Oh look he's off."

"To save the city from the fire?" asked Mok.

"Oh good lord no, he'll leave that and blame us." Bolak laughed as he poured fresh glasses.

"But? but the carriage went the other way?" Mok protested.

"It doesn't matter. Watch."

From out of nowhere a huge twin masted ship appeared in the river before them. Trapped between a mass of burning vessels.

"Holy fuck where did that come from?" Mok cursed, "Isn't that..."

"The Fessarius." Bolak confirmed.

"But wasn't she?"

"Docked about a mile away loading the Circus ashore. Yes."

"But how...?"

"Just watch." Bolak laughed at his friends confusion.

Moks eyes widened as he observed Avakhon leaping from building to building as he made his way towards the Fessarius. Reaching the dock he did not pause he sprang to the ship rigging and swung out above the water towards his destination. Moks mouth fell open.

"Dont tell me." Bolak said as he watched his friend peer through the spy glass, "My brother and his men are now aboard the ship."

"Y..yes." Mok stammered. "But they were in a carriage fleeing into the city?"

"They were... and now they are not. Such is the power of the Khinsharri it would seem."

"Unbelievable." said Mr Mok.

"That is the exact word I would use." Bolak replied taking the Spy glass and looking for himself. "It's a pity we can not read lips with this thing, I am certain the conversation would be quite amusing."

"What is happening?" Mok asked eager for the return of the spy glass.

"Balok has had Vanna brought up to taunt Avakhon."

"She is there too? but she was.."

"Yes yes in the carriage going the other way. You just saw an entire ship appear out of nowhere and you are confused by the displacement of a few people?" Bolak asked.

"Point taken." Mok whispered lugging back his Tranya.

"Ho ho! He has a magic amulet!" Bolak cried.

"Let me see, let me see!" Mok demanded and Bolak handed over the glass.

"He... wow... oh wow. He melted your brothers men and no he is ranting at Balok."

Bolak doubled up in laughter unable to breath for a moment as his mirth took over his entire body. Rising he wiped tears from his eyes and shook his head. "What... what now?" he wheezed.

"He is holding some fish... no eels. Ah electric eels. He is feeding on their power it would seem."

" power." Bolak spat Tranya all over the floor.

"No no Bolak he has the power of an eel. He pours lightning forth from his body and no! Your brother has been shocked and is driven to the deck unconscious."

"Good!" Bolak laughed, "He's a arrogant little turd. Oh he'll be fine." Bolak waved away the shocked look on his friends face.

"Oh he's vanished." Mok exclaimed.

"Told you he'd be fine." Bolak smiled.

"The Fessarius has been scuttled." Mok groaned "and the detective rows ashore."

"Two grand vessels lost this night." sighed Bolak. "Ah but on the bright side the fire is out and the City safe."

"So it is." commented Mok looking down at the docks now shrouded in darkness. "So are you going to tell me now?"

"Tell you what?" Bolak asked in mock innocence.

"What's in the box." Mok asked.

Bolak reached over and slowly opened the lid allowing its green light to emanate onto the balcony.

"Is that?" Mok gasped.

"The green stone." Bolak confirmed.

"But i thought it aboard the ship?" Mok asked.

"Alas while my powers do not extend to transporting people and ships like our friend down there, the removal of a jewel is well within my ability."

"It's smaller than I expected." Mok frowned down at the priceless emerald.

"They always are Mr Mok. They always are."

"To magic Mr Bolak." laughed Mok raising his glass.

"To magic Mr Mok."

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