HYDE and GO SEEK (Exit Post for Sparky, Part 1)

OFF: This is the exit post for Sparky, as he chose me to write it for him. It happens shortly after the meeting with the Queen and his autopsy of the body brought from the morgue for him to examine.

ON: After his autopsy and initial examinations, Dr. Bolvari became troubled. His nurse, Wendi, had noticed his smile at the handiwork of a seeming madman, but HOW could he be not be amused or even consider it worthy of noting the style and persuasive fashion of the carving that had been performed.
Being a surgeon, and one of some notoriety, as he was, he could recognize the skills of another professional. The clean cuts, not ragged edges like a sword or meat saw, but the precision of a scalpel and the precise manner in which the body was vivisected into portions, likened unto a cadaver for study as he had in medical school. Had he not seen it himself, he would have sworn it a medical school stunt wherein new students were pranked to try and weed out those who were squeamish, as they weren't going to last in school. His problem was this. HE KNEW whose hands were so skilled at these cuts. HIS OWN. . . . While it garnered him a small smirk, he almost was given away when his nurse noticed it and wondered why he would find it so amusing.
{But HOW could that be? he'd not been anywhere to do such things, let alone down to the dock areas, where these gruesome murders were being committed. True, he had some issues of late, especially where his whereabouts had been of the last few days. But that was expected of anyone who was on call constantly to her majesty. HIS presence could be demanded at a moments notice like it had been earlier
today to meet with her and some strange detective at her residence.}
While he was there, she acted odd, almost afraid of him. He supposed the oddly crafted china mask that the man wore to hide his obvious deformities were to blame. Her majesty was always one of the brave and stouthearted determination to see something through. Her fear of things that would send any normal person screaming was unshakeable.
She had faced down more than most in her lifetime. It was a time of great upheaval for England. Her reign had been one of expansion of the Empire, and colonies as well, but at a tremendous cost. Freedoms that some enjoyed due to their standings were being demanded by the commoners now, and that would not do for her to be known as the LAST Queen of England. Now there were lunatics roaming the streets killing citizens. COULD HE be one of them and unknowingly doing such dastardly deeds without his knowing it? Perish the thought. He was a gentleman of upbringing and taste, refinement, elegance and so much more. Thus the Queen's physician and a servant of the court. HE could never be such a cad as to consider such things. OR could he?
He recalls meetings some while back he attended when he was bored at the Academy of Science and Medicine, wherein a small creature of some oddity was there, renouncing the acknowledged wisdom of her elders. A Countess or some such thing, with standing in the community, but once she was revealed to be a freak of nature, she was quickly dismissed as such in open forum. Her diminutive size and odd covering of fur all over her led him to believe she suffered some form of lycanthropy. This was incurable, but he thought perhaps he would speak to her and see if it was indeed this situation or another as yet unknown malady, and perhaps he would find himself knighted for finding a cure for her condition. Others had done so, why not him?
He approached and asked her name? she replied,
"I am Baroness Aji D'moonh, and you would be?"
"Dr. Alistar Bovari, her majesty's primary physician, and resident surgical Dr. at the Hospital of All Saints. I couldn't help but notice your brilliance before these. . . . . gentlemen. Awful shame they couldn't see past your condition to allow you to educate them eh?"
"I was brilliantly stupid to think they would listen, to not just a woman, but anyone who was different from them. I shan't to make the same mistake again I assure you."
"If it's not too forward, I would appreciate hearing more of your enlightened opinion about some things that have interested me for many years now. Could we meet later?" and he offers her his hand with his business card in it.
"Hmmm a real dr. eh? Well, I have seen many, and the finest of England AND India have told me this. . . CONDITION is hopeless and I should end my life so as not to be a burden to society any longer. Obviously I don't concur with their considered opinions, or else I would not be here now."
"I can see where that might be one of your difficulties, accepting their opinions as you seem to be far more than your person is, maybe even far greater than they can conceive of. I ask only as I have done research into the behavioral science and believe I have developed a serum that MAY yield you a positive result. If you are amenable to it.
I will ask you to come to my laboratory and try it for yourself. What say you madam?" and he looks in anticipation at her.
"I will be there promptly tomorrow at three o'clock. IF you are not there at three O one, I shall leave and never return, agreed?"
"Three O'clock it is then. I look forward to seeing you there Baroness D'moonh."
With this, they each go their separate ways and he watches her to see what direction she goes from there. Realizing this is what he is doing, she begins to weave and dart her way from here to there, so as to cause him to either give up on his quest to find out where she is staying or become hopelessly lost in the area. Finally after half an hour of cat and mouse, or squirrel and moose if you will, he gives up and decides to return to his own home to ponder what he will say to her tomorrow to convince her to give him a sample fo her blood. He believes that it will enhance HIS OWN mind with her genius.
{WE shall indeed see you on the morrow Baroness. . . . .}

OFF: This is part one of the exit post for the elimination of Sparky from the Game Show simm

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