HYDE and GO SEEK! (Exit post for Sparky part 2)

OFF: Part two of the Elimination post for Sparky. This details the Dr.'s meeting with Aji D'moonh the next day in his laboratory. This will introduce the new character that the DR. becomes and will be referenced from this point forward as.

ON: It's 2:58 PM on a Wednesday afternoon in 1888 London. Middle of Summer going into fall. The Baroness Aji D'moonh is making her way into the All Saints hospital and towards the lower sections, where most laboratories are located. She searches for the numbered door and room that is on the card she holds in her warm little claws, At the end of the halls, she sees a door, slightly ajar, with Golden lettering upon it.
As she nears it, she sees emblazoned upon it,
"Well, he sure seems legitimate. NOT like that last encounter I just had with Zazi, Dear GAWD I hope I never cut it that close again! Of course had I NOT been who I am with my own 'SPECIAL' abilities, we'd both be
statues in his museum of death, so I am thankful to be such a freak of nature if that's what this really is."
with this, she gives a small chirp of excitement as she's hoping that perhaps THIS man will listen to her and not try to take advantage of her as so many have done before. He seems genuine enough in the park anyways, and he was concerned enough to at least speak to her there unlike so many others who wouldn't even look her in the eye as they gawked and pointed fingers.
As she got to the door, she wrapped her hands around the doorknob, but it was already open, so she spoke out, " Dr. Bolvari? Are you here?" nervously she awaited the reply.
"BARONESS DmoonH, RIGHT ON TIME as I would expect, please, come in and have a seat near my tea area." she hears from the room. She peers into the room to see a montage' of vials, test tubes, bunsen burners, and more
than enough equipment to rival her own Exploratorium. Some of which she even recognizes as modifications of things she herself has been working on. Fanciful electromagnetic machines and jars of embalmed items side by side. Obviously he was aware of the flammability of the fluids but seems unafraid of it, so perhaps he has an adventurous spirit likened unto her own. Does she see heads and parts of bodies, all perfectly embalmed in large glass jars, preserved for future studies? After her eventful trip with Zazi, this begins to unnerve her just a bit.
"Don't mind the onlookers, they have long since become silent and their words cannot harm you, I assure you." comes the voice from the back of the room. NOW the hair on her neck raises, as this scene is becoming all too familiar. Suddenly a misty fog has the room engulfed and a man in a white lab coat, goggles and a pair
of rubber gloves that extend to the elbow appear near her. She nearly jumps out of her own skin.
"My apologies, Baroness. I didn't mean to startle you, but I was in the midst of an experiment and didn't want to ruin it with being late to your appointment. My research into human psychologies has told me that when a person is frightened, certain chemical reactions occur in the body, and they linger for a while, so it was necessary for me to see what those chemicals will be when they are tested against my serum. I am sure you can agree that some amount of Empirical testing must be done to insure that we don't come to the wrong conclusions and only the truth will be acceptable in our findings. How else could I ever hope to publish them with both of us in the author's place unless I have the right to do so? With MY name upon it, they cannot impune your findings now can they? Lest they offend the Queen and her Royal Physician's high regard in society, perish
the thought!"
"Wait YOU wanted to frighten me? WHY on Earth should you WANT me to be afraid of you? I certainly DO NOT want to have anything to do with one whose methods are of such a low brow attempt to coerce facts." she states
"Completely understandable Baroness, and I DO apologize for that much, I was hoping that once I have shown you my work, you would forgive me for the way I have shown you what I have done. But if not, I completely understand that. I should have prepared you better, but then it wouldn't have produced the necessary chemicals in your blood to test it with now would it? Speaking of which, I must ask a favor of you now, in order to test my theories, I need a sample fo your blood as quickly as possible before the effects of the chemical wear off and I have to start all over again. My examinations of this chemical reveals that it has a very limited time it remains and then dissapates as quickly as it was produced. Would you be so kind as to take a sample for me,
I don't want to inflict any further pain upon your person." and he hands her a needle and syringe to allow her to do so herself with a small rubber strap for the arm to allow the blood to be harvested.
"So, if I understand you correctly, you want ME to take MY OWN blood and give it to you, so YOU can test some serum on it and see what exactly? I dabble with medicines myself what chemical are you looking to acquire?" she asks him quizzically.
"Something called ADRENALINE, that are produced whenever the body is forced into a fight or flight mode, and it's only used for the energy needed to defend or flee from an attacker. It's highly potent and can cause feats of superhuman strength and agility, as well as some claim, superhuman endurance to pain. The regulation of it
in the body is what I am researching and hoping that it solves some of the mysteries fo life as we know it."
"I have heard of such items, but where and HOW will you detect it, a trace elementary culture will take days and by that time your chemical will have elapsed into nothingness if I understand what you're saying."
"THAT'S why I am asking for your assistance NOW as it wanes with each second that you aren't in danger and your system returns to normal. IF you would please, I don't have much time and my microscope is only limited to a very small portion of the whole process to view." and reluctantly she agrees to draw the blood he requests.

Aji DmoonH, Inventor

Dr. Alistar Bolvari
Sparkyboi (exiting player)

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