HYDE and GO SEEK! (Exit post for Sparky part 3)

OFF: This is the finale of the exit series for Sparky.

ON: After her agreement, she draws the requested sample, delivers it to him and watches as he places a small drop
on a glass slide, places it under the microscope and begins to peer intensely into it. He looks back at her then into the scope once more.
"Good lady, had I not seen with my own eyes I would swear it to be a lie. MY own eyes do not believe the very proof I have before me." and he once more looks her over," BLOODY IMPOSSIBLE it what it is!"
"Could you possibly elucidate me on what your ranting about sir? WHAT is it that you see that has you so addled
and rambling on about?" she asks.
"Well. . . . Good lady, has anyone ever asked you for proof of your birth here? I know you spoke of doctors in India that had an opportunity to examine you as well, did they also tell you that YOU aren't human?" and he stands
there, looking at her as wide-eyed as anyone she's ever seen.
"NOT that wanted to live after telling me about it, no." she peers into his eyes, hoping for some explanation.
"I mean no disrespect, Baroness, as you obviously are intelligent AND fully capable of extremely rare and precious items to come from that smaller than average human-sized brain of yours. Fascinating indeed. My research bears out this fact. YOU have the very elements in your system that I am seeking to complete my lifelong studies.
I have discovered elements of a Racine nature in your blood, which if you were totally human could not happen.
Scientifically impossible for two different species to cross their blood and produce an offspring, yet here you are. I was involved with animal husbandry prior to my medical training and became familiar with assorted rats, squirrels and other Racine species traits in their bloodlines. Call it a quirk if you will, but I used those skills to put me through medical school as those there were unable to procure test subjects for their studies, so I supplied rats, rabbits, squirrels, and other animals for them to test items upon, with the understanding that it was as close to a human subject as they could get and still not be charged with murder should one of them die.
This led to my current endeavors, trying to find the chemical responsible for the controlling of behaviors and moral decision-making processes. WITH your help I believe I have finally FOUND that answer. IN YOUR blood is the chemicals needed to change the way each person reacts to stimuli, either good or bad. I have found a serum
that will allow me to finally answer the age-old question, IS EVIL a choice or a pattern thrust upon us?"
"And you seriously think MY blood is going to change the will of God and history? NOW who is the crazy one here? YOU for thinking you can become God, or me for allowing you to do so by giving you my blood?"
"PLEASE DEAR LADY, HEAR ME OUT I BEG OF YOU, I have always felt that a murderous, evil madman is capable of being changed into a respectable member of society. Should my work prove true, YOU would be the catalyst for that world-changing event, wherein mental illnesses and such were a thing of the past, as they could simply use my serum and that person would be whole once more. SAY you will assist me now in this endeavor and we will see the WORLD recognizes you as it's Saviour and not a freak of nature as they do now."
"Since you put it that way. . . Very well I will help you." She says and asks him for the serum to be injected. He takes a vial and draws a syringe about half full of an amber colored liquid that's almost solid in form but yet still viable. IN a few seconds she begins to tremble, vibrating and shaking like a burst of a tornado about to hit.
She starts to move rapidly and then bouncing from point to point. he watches as she's moving faster than the eye can see. Just as quickly she collapsed in a heap on the floor.
"NOW we can finally get to the point madam of why you're here. To help ME become the most brilliant mind the world has ever known." and he takes the syringe, thrusting it into her tiny arm, withdrawing her blood, then injecting it into himself. Seconds afterward, he begins to shake violently, then is thrust upon the floor. He snarls and writhes in agony. Until finally he stops. His shape is no longer tall and proud, but squat and bald. His face now a contortion of it's former glory and his skin is now the brightest shade of blue imaginable. He rises, looks at her and smiles once more.
"Thank you milady, for FREEING ME! I have been trapped inside that man's body for far too long. NOW the world shall see the depravity and filth that only a REAL MAN can provide it. Say hello to Sweeney Mok!"
With this, he runs from the lab and into the street laughing maniacally all the way to Fleet street where he finds a sewer to climb into and HYDE from everyone, at least for now.
OFF: This ends the exit for Dr. Bolvari and opens the way for previous uses of this character Sweeney Mok

Aji DmoonH, Inventor

Dr. Alistar Bolvari
Sparkyboi (exiting player)

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